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Leppyface 13/fev/2014 às 6:03
9.99€ COME ON!!!
The same price has doom 3. Considering how old this is, should be 4.99 even less maybe so.
Anyone have an idea why it's like this?

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Leppyface 13/fev/2014 às 6:08 
I know these games are masterpieces, i have played almost all games from id software just that 9.99 feels almost a little to much for a 20 year old game.
Rent a mop 13/fev/2014 às 10:44 
Wait for quake con (gaurenteed discount) or summer. Those are the best times.
Leppyface 15/fev/2014 às 6:04 
Thanks :) i'll check it out whenever the sales will be up.
DiogoSN 17/fev/2014 às 13:59 
Escrito originalmente por AnewGen:
Thanks :) i'll check it out whenever the sales will be up.

Actually, you can try to go to TF2 outpost and trade keys for games. I got the Doom Complete Classic pack for 5 or 6 keys. It's not ilegal BTW, it's a grey markey really.
Tuttermuts 17/fev/2014 às 23:20 
I get much more play out of this then out of Doom 3...just saying.
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