doctoradventure May 25 @ 1:19pm
okay Iv had Doom II scince Christmas but only been able to run it once It freezes when it shows the title screen Help?
Iv tried reinstaling but nothing works Iv pressed every botton I would love to play the game so if you can help I would be thankful
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Antr4cite May 25 @ 3:53pm 
doctoradventure May 26 @ 6:12am 
okay what do I do with this
Sabre2th May 26 @ 8:07am 
1. download in your doom folder
2. delete dosbox.exe
3. rename zdoom.exe into dosbox.exe
4. run the game through steam
5. enjoy
doctoradventure May 26 @ 8:43am 
I can find Dosbox.exe
Antr4cite May 26 @ 9:15am 
Do this:

1. Download
2. Extract it to any folder of your preference
3. Run zdoom.exe

ZDoom will automatically find your Steam Doom IWAD and you are ready to play.
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