ryan no caps 17 juil à 14h53
stuck on start screen
I can get to the start screen but none of the buttons on my laptop can get past that is ther any way i can change the button layout
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Ardal 17 juil à 19h06 
Lol ESC ought to bring up the menu for you. I have to laugh because i remember when i came back to Doom i couldnt remember for the life of me how to bring up the menu. I beat it on Nightmare as a kid but i got stopped dead in my tracks by the menu. Also dont forget. In Vanilla Doom. You control the gun with... the control key! Good news is theres a tons and tons of mods that do everything and anything including giving you mouselook. And other futuristic abilities like jumping.
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Tabris DarkPeace 22 juil à 20h41 
Download this:
- http://sourceforge.net/projects/dooms-19-winx64/

When it loads it asks a question about the key layout, say [Yes] and you will get WASD keys.

Then copy DOOM2.WAD to the .\PrBoom folder which is usually at:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Doom 2\base\DOOM2.WAD"

I've even added an [Open Folder] button to make it easier.
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