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Introduction to Joust
por SiilvA
Introduction to the Joust mode! The 1v1 mode of Shootmania, this guide explains how It's played and what it takes to be a good Jouster....
[ENG/GER] Custom Crosshair
por inactive
This Guide will explain you how to change your crosshair....
[How to Activate] ShootMania on Steam
por 'Sen.
Guide on how to activate ShootMania on Steam when you already have it...
Horns in Shootmania
por Dango //Nas - Dead Presidents
If you have played Trackmania, you may know you have a playable sound with your car/model, your honk. In this guide you will learn how to use your honk, making your own one and importing it in the game....
[German] Replay Editor Video Guide
por e x R' /99/ * exR-Media.de
In diesem Tutorial lernt ihr die Basics des Replay Editors kennen. Schaut euch Das Video hier an. Für mehr Informationen und/oder Fragen: Facebook YouTube ...
Eigene Blöcke erstellen [GERMAN]
por Käpt'n Iglu
Hier erfahrt ihr, wie ihr eure eigenen Blöcke für den Editor erstellen könnt....
Easy Way to get all Skins in Shootmania <1min [EN/GER]
por 9Strike
Want to have a skin in Shootmania and dont want to download thousands of Files? No Problem....
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