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Introduction to Joust
by SiilvA
Introduction to the Joust mode! The 1v1 mode of Shootmania, this guide explains how It's played and what it takes to be a good Jouster....
[ENG/GER] Custom Crosshair
by osV #UltraLowSettings
This Guide will explain you how to change your crosshair....
[How to Activate] ShootMania on Steam
by 'OMGB.sbbq
Guide on how to activate ShootMania on Steam when you already have it...
Horns in Shootmania
by inactive
If you have played Trackmania, you may know you have a playable sound with your car/model, your honk. In this guide you will learn how to use your honk, making your own one and importing it in the game....
Easy Way to get all Skins in Shootmania <1min [EN/GER]
by 9Strike
Want to have a skin in Shootmania and dont want to download thousands of Files? No Problem....