Tatsuto Apr 30, 2014 @ 8:38am
Maniaplanet 3 Public Beta 3 Update Changelog
We just updated the Maniaplanet games to the Public Maniaplanet 3 Beta 3. Here is the changelog ;)

Maniaplanet 3 Beta 3 Changelog
  • Easier matchmaking hosting
  • Manialink designer
  • Buddy system
  • The sound blocker block
  • Skins in MT
  • TM custom modes support
  • TM legacy respawn time at the end of the track
  • Custom UI possible for mode makers
  • ms in scripted modes
  • Metadata for items in maps (copy/paste compatible)
  • Map editor / MT remote control (open to clip, close info)
  • Map editor: Rightclick + ctrl = reset orbital rotation (easier item placement)
  • Map editor: can define Macroblock/item root directory
  • Storm Sound blocker fan block
  • Storm: actions icons for laser pad et tech plateforms
  • Trackmania: custom AccelCoef & ControlCoef between 0 & 1 for custom car 'quality'
  • Replays: Items in replays
  • Open the item editor and action maker from the map editor
  • Low quality skidmarks in spectator mode for TM
  • Fix: Test title pack
  • Fix: custom paint car icon broken
  • Fix: Elite slow capture when force field
  • Fix: OnProjectileEnd never fired
  • Fix: multiflash car lights
  • Fix: laser deny issues in FFA
  • Fix: library saves in script occasional troubles
  • Fix: loading of locators stalls in multiplayer
  • Fix: Have to reset the skin in MT to have them work when shared
  • Fix: Car reflect in shooting
  • Fix: Rendering preview jittering
  • Fix: Fog
Maniaplanet 3 Beta 2.1 Changelog
  • updates to siege and elite
  • updates to the matchmaking
  • performance increase with water reflexions in fast/very fast.
  • fixed the "modwork" texture reload
  • steam buddies fixes.
  • P2P and vehicle skins fixes
  • many crash and bug fixes
Maniaplanet 3 Beta 2 Changelog

  • New: Matchmaking easier hosting
  • Change: improved station overlay server browser
  • Change: map size limit at 2MB
  • Fix: redownload of titles if the environment is not updated
  • Fix: buddy chat: split the line if longer than displayable
  • Fix: Title musics overlapped Maniaplanet sound in home menu
  • Fix: solo medal rankins table were not switching after a race
  • Fix: (partial) Regular crash on driver loss. It will now recover, but with a lag.
  • Fix: crash on alt tab when using non D3D9 EX on XP
  • Fix: more space for automatic overlay button for further translations
  • Fix: Lobby are listed in Matchmaking list
  • New: Stadium 64x64 No Stadium decoration for custom titles
  • New: (TM2) Select any TM² car in Canyon or Valley
  • New: Team Attack mode
  • Change: (Canyon) Backward driving slowed down
  • Change: (Valley) Backward driving slowed down
  • Fix: TM multilap issue
  • Fix: Car light issues
  • Fix: (TM2) back in select new map works
  • Fix: TM scripted mode lags divided by 5 on actions (respawn for example)
  • New blocks: Storm centered doors & force fields
  • New blocks: Storm animated custom sign in metal walls
  • New: Script: Respawn at last CP: Bool CanRespawnPlayer(CSmPlayer) Void RespawnPlayer(CSmPlayer)
  • New: option: on/off on beacon colors (ping for ignorant noobs ^_^)
  • Change: Stamina max +20% reload +10%
  • Change: Storm pole & checkpoint visual update in very nice
  • Change: (Siege) (Option) switch weapon
  • Change: (Elite) Number of dodge replaced by distance of dodge (if <10 cm)
  • Change: (Elite) Allies protection on rockets removed
  • Fix: neutral plateform does not remove ammo & other similar issues
  • Fix: Bumpy wood slides
  • Fix: Insta reload
  • Fix: Teleport through tunnels & force fields
  • Fix: fog on some materials was missing: teleport, bumpers etc.
  • Fix: better handling of the 64 bases limit (poles, doors, etc.)
  • New: (Option) MT clip: in clip only
  • New: (Option) MT clip: is cycling
  • New: bloom track in ambiance
  • New: Fog color control in MT
  • Fix: TM2 (partial) Spinning wheel in online replays
  • Fix: fog fading on low configuration
  • Fix: MT ambiance track requires validation message
  • Fix: Playsound in MT does not cut the sound so abruptetly when leaving the track
  • Fix: MT: can more easily add a block at the end of a block in a track
  • Fix: rendering of teleporter in HQ shoot and some other animated stuff
  • Fix: switching to Anchor does not make the camera move anymore
Action Maker
  • New: Help window for anim editor
  • New: (Option) Disable sparks on hit
  • Fix: Pose are edited with the custom model
  • Fix: CSmActionEvent::EType::OnProjectileEnd triggers
Maniaplanet 3 Beta 1 Changelog
  • titles: most popular titles visible in a store
  • titles: tool for automatic update of title
  • titles: medals ranking work on solo modes from custom titles
  • titles: ability to make a title update from lan to simplify lan development
  • titles: missing pictures in titles fixed
  • titles: any pak files will download only what is necessary inside the file itself, include title pak files.
  • titles: as long as your file is available to download, a proxy of the file may done by us to decrease your bandwith usage, like a CDN
  • buddies: offline mode available at launch or after
  • buddies: remove from ingame
  • buddies: addbuddy does not exit lobby
  • buddies: serverinfo from buddy are available
  • buddies: chat history is kept
  • buddies: message are sent to offline buddies when they connect
  • ladder: loss of points at high level if a player switch from continent in his profile
  • ladder: number of players per echelon depends of the number of players on the continent
  • planets: number of planets on the servers visible on the player page
  • planets: bug of 600 planets is fixed
  • script: can trigger a Mediatrack track
  • script: rotate pictures
  • script: possible to hide the interface (to make a custom one)
  • script: faster handling of arrays
  • script: can update the server script without restarting the server
  • script: minimap tools and helper services
  • script: playsound function
  • script: a manialink can be added over intro
  • script: possibility to add a Manialink track to a mediatrack to code the replay interface
  • script: a service to convert an ingame Manialink to mediatrack manialink to help code replay interface
  • script: modes does not crash after 20 days
  • script: issue for labels with globals is fixed
  • script: api to make layers of Manialink in the browser
  • script: 2D coordinates to render the 3D viewports
  • mediatracker: a global ambiance track to the map is available
  • mediatracker: define the name of the screenshot or the video at save in the shooting interface
  • mediatracker: an option to upload your video to youtube directly
  • mediatracker: a fog track with sky fog parameter
  • mediatracker: car buble is visible
  • mediatracker: depth of field issu fixed
  • items: start, spawn and checkpoints can be made as items
  • items: static lights in items
  • items: items are visible in replays
  • items: maximum number of items fixed
  • items: grid placement issues fixed
  • manialink: 2D & 3D conflict fixed
  • manialink: working stylesheettags
  • interface: rolling demos in the titles is possible
  • interface: minimize or close directly of system bar
  • interface: a menu to copy the server join adress in copy/paste memory
  • interface: improve browser visibility of on/off status
  • interface: automatic mode of station sorting that mix most recent & manuel customisation with drag&drop only
  • commands: batch of videos & lightmaps work with maps with items.
  • commands: direct access to solo maps maniaplanet://#campaign=A03@TMValley or #campaign=#1,3@TMValley
  • optimisation: SS2 to win CPU perfs (pressforward may not validate)
  • mods: xml for atmospheric settings: sky (fog & light) and HDR (bloom, tonemap)
  • mods: good reload of all sounds
  • render: better fog on particles & characters
  • render: automatic downsize of rendering precision for particle potential increase of GPU fillrate
  • map editor: air macrobloc placement
  • map editor: right click speed as efficient as right ctrl
  • server: can move from spectator to player on private servers
  • all modes are redone in script
  • new mode: team attack
  • script: general improvement of scripts for Trackmania
  • script: coordinates of other players, but limited in precision due to specific netcode
  • solo: it's now possible to add ghost & medals to custom solo campaigns
  • server: relay servers operationnal
  • replays: when you click on replay, you can now select: play against, watch or edit (new)
  • replays: can switch of car model in the simple replay editor
  • clublink: team name displayed
  • gameplay: you can bind a freelook key: strongly suggested space or right click, to look in a different direction as you move
  • gameplay: walljumps are progressive
  • gameplay: hitbox is now a cylinder with a sphere on the head.
  • gameplay: jump are possible underground
  • gameplay: arrows does not splash on water and bounce on power wall
  • gameplay: powerjump cost half stamina than before (on power platform blocs)
  • gameplay: you can (try) to ping an ally to make your ping appear only for him after (experimental)
  • gameplay: different ping per ally possible to know who is making the ping
  • gameplay: default sensitivity settings are changed (and are updated automatically from your previous settings)
  • gameplay: a dedicated sensitivity multiplier available for freelook mode
  • crosshair: digital values available
  • crosshair: arrow crosshair can be customised fully
  • bots: aerial bots possible
  • bots: can have a different size
  • bots: looking coordinates available (AimYaw, pitch and direction)
  • bots: not part of the ladder anymore
  • script: can decrease the jump, like the speed: param JumpPower dans CSmPlayer
  • script: you can have the information on which material the player is on
  • script: totally unactivate the Shootmania visible shield: HasShield=False
  • sctipt: can hide the timer
  • script: can stay ingame while spectating: useful for helping others in obstacle if managed in the mode.
  • script: unactivate walljump & progressive jump in custom mode
  • mediatracker: shootman is visible from external camera in ingame mediatracker
  • netcode: a new netvision layer to optimse the perception
  • netcode: bullet explosions are client side when on static objects
  • netcode: small improvement in upload of information speed
  • render: issues with seeing through polygons clipping in near plane fixed
  • render: better handling of water plane clipping and underwater
  • moods: update of moods settings: all the ligthmaps of Shootmania Storm should be computed again (can use a batch command line to do this)
  • items: TM models can be imported as items
  • profile: can define a posture for the podium
  • modes: new score table
  • modes: AFK management integrated
  • Royal: Multi teams mode. If there's enough players on a map they will be divided in several teams depending on the number of spawns.
  • Elite: when simultaneous, laser has now priority in various conditions: rocket, time etc.
  • Elite: number of rockets 'dodged' is displayed
  • Elite: Removal of the tie break system. It's replaced by a hard points limit, instant win for the team reaching the limit first
  • Elite: to be tested: if allies are shot by a rocket, they are briefly protected (similar to rocket denied & laser reload)
  • Elite: UI in replays (all your recent Elite replays can be download from the replays menu: press F9 to remember favorite replays while playing)
  • Elite: press F8 to adapt your UI
  • Elite: beta 2 settings are not supported anymore
  • Siege: no more miss team mate info in team modes (ex: siege)
  • Siege : Complete rewrite of the mode. The intermediate Goals are replaced by Gates. For each defender spawn you can now have one or several Gates.
  • Combo : Display the respawn timers of the items in spectator mode
  • Blocs: teleport base & teleport bloc: stay on the base, and use action button (right click) on the teleport to teleport yourself
  • Blocs: force field: 3 armors to open and they close again quickly. you can go through when connected to your base (your colour)
  • Blocs: gates: stay 3.5 seconds on the base to open them, and they will close after. you can go through when connected to your base (your colour)
  • Blocs: metallic walls
  • Blocs: 45° bumpers
  • Blocs: Stone walls, roof & stairs building blocs
  • Blocs: more aerial bunker blocs
  • Blocs: more fences
  • Blocs: more wood sliding blocs
  • Blocs: fire lamps blocs
Experimental features
Beware of your creation when using them and to the possibility of "no compatibility" with them in a future updates
  • a multienvironnement title of Trackmania 2
  • Action maker: weapon or animations
  • Item editor: bots, pick up, spot and decoration
  • Air mapping: can place blocs without having to place the pillars and can cut the pillars directly.
  • Mix mapping: can place ghost blocs without constraints, without services and with risks of visual glitches
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Staminizer Apr 30, 2014 @ 9:58am 
Having problems with starting up the game after the update, when it tells me maniaplanet needs to restart for the update (after i've downloaded it), steam won't restart it for some reason. Every time i start it up again it tells me the same thing again. Does anyone know any solutions?
Tits in my ass May 8, 2014 @ 10:58am 
HELP US EVER SINCE THIS UPDATE MY GAME REGULARLY CRASHES WITH NO CRASH REPORT!!! I am not the only one with this issue! Many people in the steam community section under the betas rate option have commented with the same issue! I have windows 7 64 bit. Please message me if you need any more info to resolve the issue!
DirktheDaring Jun 19, 2014 @ 8:45pm 
I just purchased TrackMania Valley and it says it can't connect to the network. All my other apps work just fine. I also have Canyon and Stadium and played those before ManiaPlanet 3. I think there is something wrong with the new client. Can someone please help??
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