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awfully awful 8 лют 2013 о 11:35
Connect with friends
I attempted to connect with a friend, but were met with some difficulty. We waited about 20~30 minutes before giving up. Rather bizarre, since we both have open ports.

After a bit of keyword searching on these forums, I found a solution on a topic ( where the solution to our problem was "Your friend should put your password in the credits page. You should put your friend's one in the same place." Perhaps I am just incompetent, but when I went to the credit page there was but one place to put a password. The solution implied that he and I were to have pregenerated passwords, but this was not the case.

Eventually, we put an obscure password that we were sure only the both of us used, unforuntately, we were only met with ten more minutes of waiting. Furthermore, we both went from "Looking for partner" to "Waiting for partner" near instantenously (which I later learned one has to be "Looking" while another must be "Waiting").

I've already requested a refund, which I hope I shall be fully reimbursed, but hopefully someone posts a solution in this topic for those who plan on keeping this simulation in their Steam Library.
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akiradice 8 лют 2013 о 18:43 
My friend and I are having the same issue right now. I'll let you know if we figure it out.
Pathspace Defender K-Fox 8 лют 2013 о 20:52 
Reading this made me change my mind about buying the game.
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