rainfeed Mar 28, 2013 @ 10:02pm
Anyone here ever played Flower and/or Journey on PS3?
They are all on the same form, which is more like an interactive art / emotional experience / poetry-in-motion rather than a game. If you like this kind of game, I highly recommend you to try Flower and Journey, both are from ThatGameCompany (I'm not affiliated with them whatsoever, just a huge fan).

Now I've never tried this Bientôt l'été, but judging from the trailers, screenshots, and the discussions here, I think if you enjoyed or at least find Bientôt l'été interesting, then the two games would blow your mind away. Especially Journey, a game an experience chock-full of metaphors all beautifully seamed together, and the multiplayer system works much better:
  • At each map you may or may not meet at most one other random player (and when you get separated you may never meet him/her again),
  • There's no way of identification (not even gender!) other than a randomly generated symbol,
  • The only way of communication is to make a ding sound.
Strangely, this lack of identification and communication, and the fact that each encounter is volatile, makes you feel a sense of bond with the companion.
Another brilliance from Journey, is how each map (in my personal interpretation) symbolizes the different stages of man's life, from birth, toddler, childhood & school, youth, adulthood & work, maturity & wisdom, old age & eventually death, the after-life, then life goes full circle (the meaning of the ending =) ).
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raving_madness Mar 30, 2013 @ 6:41am 
if you compare journey with bientot, journey would cost 49,99 :) for what you get out of it. i am a big journey fan, playing since its out.
journey is much more demanding imo. but can be relaxing too - meditating offline :) - but bientot has more of "sitting with someone in a room and drop a phrase from time to time" and the mood when playing bientot is completly differnt to journey, grave and melancholy...
journey is my "adventure-fun-explore"game, when i turn it on i normally play more than 3 hours
bientot is to conclude the evening, drinking a glass of wine, watching waves, let thoughts get into my mind etc.

you are so right, MP works so much better in journey. and i really like that there is a way to find out, who you met. didnt find that option at bientot.
in journey the 2 ppl invent their own way of communication, in bientot the phrases influce the conversation to a dramatic love-hate-story
rainfeed Mar 30, 2013 @ 12:36pm 
Yes you are right, Journey is a bit more game-ish because it actually has a direction to follow.
Yes, the mood is totally different, and Journey doesn't have any element of romance.
Yes, you can see the name of all companions you've met along the way but only after the ending credit roll. That's how I add a total stranger as PSN friend for the first time LOL..

Have you tried Flower too? It has an abstract storyline but it was designed so that the player can just relax and have a serene moment (again, a totally different mood than Bientôt l'été).. Try the demo!
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