Bientôt l'été

Bientôt l'été

IDGE! Mar 24, 2013 @ 12:02pm
rogue build critique plz (minor spoilers!)
*** important: i'm spec-cing (endgame) for l'amour caché class, so keep that in mind when critiquing ***

starting stats:

str: 9
dex: 17
con: 8
int: 8
wis: 9
cha: 14

i could bump dex to 18 but that drops cha to 12 with 1-2 points left for (imo) negligible gains in negligible stats. i can get dex to 18 with a +1 manteau de grâce (pickpocket the reflection in the 2nd scene). i'd gladly put another point in cha if i could find a +2 dex item? anyone?

so anyway, i need minimum 14 cha for the long convo w/ death at the chessboard. having 14 cha opens up *some* dialogue choices that otherwise a) wouldn't be there & b) would thus leave me w/ the "dumb" responses (having just-average int) to death's questions about pre-determinism, bresson vs renoir, dialectical monism, etc... look, i don't wanna debate 14 cha. plenty of that going on in this forum. after watching several youtubes on it, i'm satisfied w/ the story arc down that path. -- however, that's near the end & there's a lot of deconstruction between here & there so if gear can get me there, plz tell!

18 dex opens all locked cameos (hanging from the benches, 18 is req for pick locks IV -- see below), including the crucial last 3 scenes. again, just get me there, gear or otherwise!

any endgame L'AC rogues regret +1 or better str? i dunno, 11 str or higher seems a waste but tell me if i'm missing something.

granted, i'm not gonna tank anything but i've found (so far) that any fight i couldn't win, turning my back on it to the ocean, occasionally cursing myself (see skills below) & looking upward kept me alive, albeit w/ diminished exp reward.


pick locks IV
étapes fantômes

pick locks IV is understood.

prestidigitation is because, well... chicks like magic. i know i have more options w/ 14 cha. my primary goal is to cut down on the incessant smalltalk in scenes 4-6 & get to the action. there's a few posts on achieving this w/ macho obliviousness but you STILL have to go through more dialogue & honestly, isn't there enough dialogue already in this game? i'd probably screw up that line, anyway. plus, in terms of rp, i find prestidigitation plays well w/ self-loathing (see below) in the endgame.

étapes fantômes is my pwn as it allows me to sneak up on ANY mob, regardless whether or not they're on the coastline or the beach.

as you can see, i didn't take anything else in the jealousy line except self-loathing. it was that or oedipus/electra complex but, as i said above, self-loathing doesn't just string along the romance, interminably, to a violent end, it also doubles as an egress in fights. word is that the dev, johny zuper, is "thinking about" nerfing this down the line, so i'm open to alternatives.

tautology. yes i know what you're thinking: "w/ 8 int? lol!" i don't get any int bonuses sure. honestly, i just didn't know what else to take. of all the choices in the skill tree, i was at a loss, except for this.
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StefanK Mar 27, 2013 @ 7:37pm 
Dude, did you not unlock the sweet ride? Once you've got that, the chick will do pretty much whatever you want.
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