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AshStancill  [developer] Dec 29, 2013 @ 6:12am
FAQ - Please read before posting
:wcube: Is Dream final?
Nope. Right now Dream is in alpha, so anything you see now may be changed before its final release in September. A lot of things you see are placeholders, such as (at the time of writing) The inventory system, narrative and some items.

:wcube: How long will a play through take to complete?
It depends, after all Dream is an exploration game. Dream has 5 endings planned. We are aiming for a 4-6 hour minimum play through; if you want to rush and get the bad ending. For a good ending you are looking around 8 hours and for the best ending, who knows?

:wcube: How often do you update?
There are only, since recently, 4 of us working on Dream. It used to be 3. Even with the small team, we are aiming to release updates as often as possible, aiming for every 2-4 weeks. From small bug fixes, to UI overhauls to new content!

:wcube: Where are the change logs?
You can find them here

:wcube: How can I report bugs?
Create a thread on the Steam forums, Our forums (http://www.dreamthegame.co.uk/forum) or drop us an email ‘contact@hypersloth.co.uk’

:wcube: Can I monetize Dream?
Yup! We just ask that you mention Dream is in its alpha state and what version you are playing

:wcube: Where is the Rift version?
Simply launch Dream through steam and choose the VR option. Please read the VR thread to see the issues.
It’s coming! Unfortunately the tragic loss over at oculus means the UDK version got delayed.

:wcube: Is there anything I should know about the Oculus version?
Have a look at the Rift guide here

:wcube: The Oculus version seems a bit more choppier than the original
Have a look here at improving the performance

:wcube: Can I purchase the soundtrack?
The soundtrack will be available once Dream launches

:wcube: Mac and Linux?
Mac will be coming; we’re just ironing out the bugs. Unfortunately as of yet, there are no plans for Linux.

:wcube: Languages?
The final release will support the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian.

:wcube: Subtitles?
English subtitles are available via the options menu. Other languages will be available once Dream is launched.

:wcube: Saving Dream
Dream saves at certain places. Once important things have been discovered Dream saves. The main dreams save at checkpoints and the side-dreams save once complete.

:wcube: Key Bindings
Key bindings will be added in a later version of Dream. As of when, this is not known.

:wcube: Getting V-Sync to stick
The menu option is a bit buggy. Here is how to get V-Sync to stick.
Currently there is a bug in the Main Menu options page. You should be able to set VSync on by repeating the following steps:
Go in game and hit Esc|Start to pause
Go into the options section
Change Vsync to on
Change the resolution to anything other than what you have active
Hit save.
Change the resolution back to the one you want.
Then the VSync should be on for you :)

:wcube: What’s with the bad FPS?
Further optimization will be coming, but for now it’s worth checking your video drivers are up to date? This issue has fixed a few peoples problems that are having the FPS issue. If you are on 32-bit too the 3GB switch might help.


:wcube: Character won’t stop moving
Check you don’t have an Xbox controller plugged in? The analogue might be causing it to move forward

:wcube: Cursor won’t move correctly on the in-game PC
We’re looking into this. The issue is not known yet

:wcube: Ran out of video memory! ?
A couple things to try first
- Verify your steam cache
- Update your graphics drivers
- Try re-downloading in-case your download was corrupted
If you are on a 32-bit operating system firstly make sure your drivers are up to date. If they are it can help to use the 3GB switch to increase your virtual memory allowance for UDK. Follow the instructions here...

3GB Switch Instructions[usa.autodesk.com]

:wcube: Game won’t start
Here is a potential fix for the following error
" When clicking play, no window opens, my steam status changes to 'in-game' for a few seconds, and then goes back to online, with no game having opened "
:bcube:Navigate to \**install*location**\Steam\SteamApps\common\dream\binaries\redist\
:bcube:Run UE3Redist.exe
:bcube:Restart your PC and try again
The following might also help
Originally posted by The Jackson:
I coudn't start this game too even after installing UE3Redist.exe
Solved the problem by disabling my firewall.

:wcube: Stone towers twitch when holding F
Bottom post of this thread;

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