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CTurbs007 2013年11月27日上午10:53
So...none of the old Doom games run on windows 8 without zdoom installed..
But that's not the official original game? I was about to get them and if I ran into a problem I would download zdoom. But, is it true that the file isn't really the real game? So buying them makes it pointless...I just have to buy them for the file to use their code? That sounds like a waste of money.
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The Black Knight 2013年11月27日下午2:10 
You can run the dosbox version in win8, it is balls though. You need the .wad files to legally play the games with any source port like zdoom.

Buying games in general is a waste of money, I fail to see oyur point....
Firebats 2013年12月20日下午11:15 
It completely sucks since I thought it was the XP version ported to WIin 7/8 but instead got the dosbox version that won't run at all.
Rent a mop - Mumble 2013年12月20日下午11:58 
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It completely sucks since I thought it was the XP version ported to WIin 7/8 but instead got the dosbox version that won't run at all.
Again, use a SOURCE PORT. Its one of the easiest things you can do, and it makes it run much better
CTurbs007 2013年12月22日上午10:34 
it's easy. still a bummer.
Rent a mop - Mumble 2013年12月22日下午11:49 
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it's easy. still a bummer.
Why is it a bummer? Whats wrong with using a source port?
ruediix 4月7日上午12:27 
There is a very good selection of Doom Source Ports for all platforms. This includes Windows 8.

For best compatability with modern systems, I would recommend one that renders through OpenGL or an abastraction library (such as SDL).

The stock Doom levels will all run on most modern computers in power save mode, but you might want a little faster than that, if you have an 120p monitor or ultra-high-res setup. You will also need the faster modes if you want to use community developed levels, which can be very processor intensive.

If you want the real classic vanilla experience, you can download DOSBox and the old DOS binaries. Obviously the classic dos binaries can be downloaded from id Software, and DOSBox can be gotten at either the DOSBox project website, or any of the major download sites for Freeware and/or Open Source Software.

Also, if you want to play on your Andriod phone, there are several source ports, or you can just fetch aDOSBox. (I recommend paying for the full version, as the developer behind the port is a good guy and works real hard to keep the port up to date.)
ronnie42 4月28日上午11:34 
I recommend avoiding DosBox and using the wad for the Doom games from Steam, using them on Zdoom and Zdaemon since means you can play them on modern pc's and includes the multiplayer that Steam version missed out on.
ruediix 4月29日下午12:11 
I personally recommend Odamex, Doom Legacy, Vavoom or DoomsDay depending on your preferences.

Zdoom and Zdaemon are very outdated compared to these newer ports, and most of these ports run faster on any hardware, even rather outdated hardware (anything with hardware accelerated 3D graphics of any type, even very outdated cards like the S3 Virge or low-speed integrated graphics chips like the Intel G45. I am talking about computers that you couldn't even run any modern desktop OS on.)
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ronnie42 4月29日下午12:31 
Well there's Zandronum which I prefer to use.
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