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Distant street light 1月30日 12時36分
Final Doom won't start
I have just bought the final doom from steam but it does not work.
When I run tghe game (every of the four options) itstarts my dosbox and gets stuck with only the background of the titlescreen on screen. Sometimes a little music starts but I can't do anything.
Can somebody help me/has the same issue?
I'am playing on windows 8.

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Rent a mop - Mumble 1月31日 3時50分 
Get yourself GZdoom, or zandronum, or another source port.

dosbox is utter ♥♥♥♥, and source ports work tons better, and allow mods like brutal doom
NOB IRL 7月12日 23時26分 
Did you try hitting escape?
Shemsen 7月18日 15時02分 
I have the same problem. Hitting ESC does nothing :(
I'm on Win 8.1. I guess this is part of the problem. Would be nice if anyone could help :)
Thor Narwhal 7月18日 20時28分 
Yea I get the same thing. I extracted zdoom and it can't find the IWAD. It seems like it only looks for doom.wad, doom2.wad and heretic.wad.
josh.dc.ohagan 7月18日 21時24分 
steam pls help
wooke 7月19日 2時28分 
Just for information : windows 7 x64 no probleme and play on my screen 2560x1080.
(on win8.1 go to exe and select mode compatibility 7 or xp)
Shemsen 7月19日 2時39分 
Unfortunately it doesn't work in comp. mode either.
I just downloaded GZdoom. Now the games run just fine :)
APBT82 12月6日 20時57分 
Go here, it works for Final Doom. just look for the Plutonia config files istead of the ones in this.
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