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Dingshalome Jul 25 @ 4:52pm
Plutonia and Tnt won't run Brutal Doom
I can't seem to get mods working on Final Doom (Plutonia experiment and Tnt: evilution) as every time I try to play it, it just brings up the 1st level of Doom 2. I bought Final Doom on Steam and have been using ZDL to launch the mods. I have been using the GZdoom source port as the engine. The mod I was using works fine (Brutal Doom) but the maps for Final Doom won't show up. I can't find a solution to this anywhere on the internet, so if someone could reply soon, that would be great
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Dingshalome Jul 25 @ 4:57pm 
TabrisDarkPeace Jul 25 @ 10:39pm 
Try loading the Final Doom IWAD as a PWAD via -wad ?
Dingshalome Jul 27 @ 3:58pm 
That worked! Thank you!
will.martin4 Dec 22 @ 4:45am 
Definitely don't understand...
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