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Gold Skull Guide
by Stronghammer22
This is a guide for each gold skull in Skulls of the Shogun. To attain the gold skulls, you will need to fulfil certain criteria within each level. I will be outlining what the gold skulls require of you, my strategy, as well as providing videos of the sk...
Online Matches!
by Durgrobach
This is a comprehensive guide on how host Skulls Online Matches , and why you shouldn't be scared to do so. Also Note: Hosting a match is often the fastest way to 'join' a match!...
Forgotten Isles Gold Skull Guide
by Wyatan
The existing Gold Skull Guide was abandoned before reaching the Bone-a-Fide edition's additional content. The videos presented in this guide will show how to get the Gold Skulls from the Forgotten Isles maps....