TrackMania² Canyon

TrackMania² Canyon

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Alinoa  [developer] Jul 29, 2013 @ 6:51am
Useful links (news, creation, competition) for all players
Hi all ^_^

Here are some interesting links for TM² Stadium. If you think some usefull links can be added, please reply into this topic.

- New maniaplanet website[]
- Maniaplanet forums[] : international forums where the developers of maniaplanet inform players about news features, issues, ladder rules and players have debates and share theirs creations.
- the maniaplanet wiki[]: FAQ, tutorials, support
- The Maniaplanet player page[]
- Maniaplanet directory[]: a directory for community websites

- Mania-Exchange[] : the biggest and best TrackMania track-swapping website!

- Maniapark[] (3D Models, 2D skins and mods to download or upload)

- Maniacalendar[]
- Electronic Sport League[]
-[E-sport] A Guide to competitive TrackMania


- Mania Actu[]: ManiaPlanet Community & eSport News

Originally posted by Nick:
Hi, type in the following in the ingame browser to have a good time:
  • titlepack-center (collection of all the titlepacks made by the community, also ported campaigns from the older games)

  • tetris (tetris)
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schandor Dec 28, 2013 @ 1:30am 
It's not a link, but since many new players will start with reading this pinned post, I think this should be noted here:
In Trackmana2 Canyon the game mode Platform returns from the first generation! In Platform the goal is to complete the maps with the least possible restarts. It is a 'standalone' DLC, which is part of your initial install, but the game does not tell you it's there or how to play it. So from the main ManiaPlanet screen (the one with the monitors/windows where you can put your different games and mods), select one of the empty stations, and choose to add a new game to it. You will see some 'DVD cases' with all the available ManiaPlanet games. You can put any one of them in a station, even if you don't own it, but you can not play them. But the game mode Platform is among them, and you can select it, and play it!
Have fun!
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