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Word of Caution for Co-Op Players
I wanted to write this to give a word of warning to players embarking on multiplayer after going through the co-op guide and opening ports. That word is, DO NOT accept a TMNT game invite when your TMNT game is currently not open. Open the game first and get into your multiplayer options screen (the one with the 4 brothers on the rooftop and the 4 co-op options like Quick Match, Custom Game etc.) BEFORE you accept the game invite. If you accept an invite when outside of the game proper you may suffer a loss of your turtle and weapon upgrades, saved games, etc. which essentially put you back to the beginning. You'll have to re-run through the tutorial w/April again and start an all-new game as if you have never played the game before. Your turtle will be at level 1. Steam records your achievements and hours clocked in so you will keep those things since it's not controlled by the game save files.

I have lost all of my levels twice this way (the first time by accident and the second time as a test of this), by accepting a game invite outside of the game proper, but did NOT suffer any loss when accepting invites when my game was already going. This has happened to other players so I don't think it was just a fluke for myself and I want to put the word of warning out. Even when you run through the tutorial mode you end up at like a level 2 or 3 as you go through the first part of chapter 1.

I had been a level 78 and it was a real shocker to get thrown back to a 1 suddenly as I connected to my very first TMNT co-op game. My initial elation turned to frustration. After you go through the campaign and defeat Shredder with 1 turtle he's fully upgraded with points to spare usually, and at a level of 45 or 50 all 4 of your turtles are fully upgraded along with their weapons to lvl 3 so anything after lvl 50 is useless anyways, I'm just saying...it takes some effort and I don't think most players want their efforts wasted due to some funky weird game glitch invite thing when they FINALLY manage to get the co-op to even work. Now, that said, again, I was fully able to keep my levels when I accepted an invite when I had my game already opened and was sitting in the multiplayer screen waiting for my invite.

Yes, it is quick to level back up but it does take some time and if you play co-op and start back with a level 1 turtle that the game thinks never went through the tutorial...well, besides other players thinking you're a total beginner, it's not the coolest experience and you might not be able to co-op chapters other than chapter 1 with other gamers until you again progress through the campaign mode solo (this was my experience also and kinda confuses me because it even says on one of the waiting screens that if you are having trouble with a chapter you should co-op to get friends to help you beat the thing). What can I say...this game does have issues...BUT it's still worth playing and is probably the best TMNT game we've ever seen in recent years.

It's awesome to finally get to play co-op even if it is by some back-doorsy way, so try not to let these glitches ruin your experience, even if it already did happen to you. For those of you wondering how to be able to co-op at all check out the guide posted by Delfin the Dragonborn who goes into detail on how this can be achieved.
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blackmanta86 Nov 7, 2013 @ 12:11pm 
Thortok2000 Nov 11, 2013 @ 8:47pm 
I've reported this as a bug to Activision AND I've added it as a warning on my guide. Thanks for the heads up!
Thortok2000 Nov 11, 2013 @ 8:54pm 
Another word of caution for Co-op players: Beware playing with Delfin. http://steamcommunity.com/id/vassili_zaitsev

I think Delfin's overall an okay person, I don't think he's manipulative or hurtful or does things out of spite, but he does have an ego problem. He's incredibly bossy, and thinks himself king of the world. He's quick to accuse other people of lying, makes other people wait on him, wants everything to be done his way, etc.

If you read his guide, you'll see lots of comments that insinuate how 'amazing' he is, and at the end he even expects the gratitude from "thousands" of players to give him steam gifts and stuff! I'm not making this up, read the guide yourself! He refers to himself as awesome the entire way throughout the guide!

I played a few games with him, and he was incredibly annoyed that I wouldn't pick a turtle (I prefer to play random, but if I'm playing with 3 other people who pick their turtle, which turtle I am is a pretty foregone conclusion anyway). He also insisted that we all join a chat room in a community group he made, etc. Then he complained when people ran ahead, triggering teleporting and cutscenes and skipping stuff. It seems like he finds it easy to complain about stuff.

I've also tried adding a couple corrections to his guide's comment section, 1) That he didn't find out what ports to use, Activision did, he just found the link, and 2) That the 1-65535 trick is something he got from me and I only recommend it as a LAST RESORT because it's incredibly insecure and makes your computer very easily hacked, and he doesn't emphasize enough how insecure it is to do. (In fact I've removed this recommendation from my guide after some thought. It's just too insecure.)

Then, when I added port information to my guide, which I planned on including from the beginning if we ever got the information (a comment dated back in September says so), he accuses me of copying him because I "realize" that "his guide is THE GUIDE" and I'm trying to steal from him. Steal what? Notoriety? The Steam Gifts he expects from his "adoring public?" It's useful information for everyone, why should he have a monopoly on sharing it with people? And to top it off, my guide was here first anyway! And what exactly am I 'copying'? Information from Activision? Isn't he doing the same thing? I think the fact that he's even upset about this in the first place points out exactly what kind of person he is...he wants all the credit for himself, and none/little for anyone else.

And worst of all? If you talk about about him (or in this case, say the truth about him), anywhere that he has the power to delete your comment, he deletes it pretty much immediately. Those corrections I've added to his guide have been deleted not once, but three times. I posted this comment in a thread he was the OP of and 20 seconds later when I went to edit a typo in it, the ENTIRE THREAD was gone. And 30 seconds after I noticed that thread was gone, he posts a comment on some random picture of mine, with tons of profanity in it, saying how I should leave him alone and stop copying him and stuff, and if I don't he's going to report me. Very angry material. (I linked to it here but of course he went and deleted it. Can't let anyone see he's got an anger problem! He is INCREDIBLY concerned with his 'public image'! That should be a red flag right there! He does everything he can to hide any of his offensive nature from being shown publicly.)

Again, I don't think he's a bad person, but until he grows up a little and stops thinking he's king of everyone he meets, he really isn't a fun person to talk to or play with. Dude's got problems. I'd play with him again if he stopped being so bossy and condescending and unable to accept that he's wrong about anything, but he's gone and blocked me and I can't say I'm upset at the loss.

And this didn't happen to me personally, but I've heard from two completely different sources that he tries to trade with you and get cards from you and any games you have in your inventory and stuff. Like reports of him being not quite a scammer, but a manipulative, insistent trader. I don't have first-hand experience, but those reports added on everything else, I'd say just stay away from the guy.
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blackmanta86 Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:29am 
kat does get a little butthurt doesnt he?
TwistedDude Dec 3, 2013 @ 8:25pm 
Sounds like a pretty messed up dude, I've also had my share childish people on steam, I've been game invite spammed and some idiotic kid spammed my chat begging me to buy him a game.
Bluezero2x Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:43am 
Dat false advertising.
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