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Your Ticket to Maximum Top Gunnage
by Manta
Ace Combat: AH is an absolute gem, and the multiplayer portion of the game is one of the most intense and personally competetive experiences I've come across on ye olde Steam. The following guide is comprised of just a few simple tips to help you find you...
Saitek X52 Key Binding Fix
by Miubot555
Fixes Binding Issues with Saitek X52 and Possibly Other Joysticks. Change Joystick Controls Easily....
Squadron Guide
by Doccy The Destroyer of Worlds
Hello, i am Seraphim, and i play this game. So, i have been playing Assault Horizon's multiplayer quite alot, and i notice that most people just go Rambo, and try to do everything on their own. As the game tries to tell you, you'll do a lot better if you ...
AC:AH, A multiplayer PVP guide
by Nathan X42
Tired of dying because you don't know DFM? Read this. It's the be-all end-all guide to dominating your enemies in the skies....
How to Enable Mouse Support
by 王様 KING
A quick and simple tutorial on how to properly enable Mouse Support in Ace Combat Assault Horizon....
Como dar um save game
by Wayne Geek
Eu tive muita duvida sobre como salvar o jogo por isso fiquei um tempo sem jogar, porque toda vez que eu entrava era desde o começo as missões ! Cara é só fazer as duas primeiras missoes da campanha que vai começar salvar automatico ! Eu achei que er...