dodge 2013年3月1日 2時39分
Cheating or a mod?
A player flying a b2 bomber on a MULTIPLAYER game?
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ROK-Lonewolf 2013年3月1日 4時58分 
It is not cheating. B-2 bomber is always available to spawn when your HQ's health is low. Which gives loosing team a second chance. (which I think it gives much more tension between the teams, I love it.) However, even though B-2 have powerful land attack, B-2 can be taken down really quick by enemy fighters since it is really slow and big aircraft, B-2 can be only effective when team knows what they are doing. (Such as friendly fighters providing cover for B-2 until it reaches a objective.)
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dodge 2013年3月1日 6時25分 
hey thanks for you explanation!
I was not made aware this existed i guess we can blame the lack of a manual or loading screen tip!
so its a last ditch effort to win?
kool cant wait to be on the losing side for a chance to fly a b-2 in multiplayer!
because i gave my bomber a paint job like all the aircraft that i have flown
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dodge 2013年3月1日 7時46分 
hey can u tell me the when they become available like say a percentage left?
ROK-Lonewolf 2013年3月1日 10時32分 
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hey can u tell me the when they become available like say a percentage left?

I can't remember the number correctly.... but it was around 20% left when B-2 started to appear. And it depends on the server host. Some hosts disable bomber from server host setting which will take out B-1 and B-2 even though HQ's percentage is low.
dodge 2013年3月1日 22時57分 
thanks for taking the time to answer my question
fisk0 2013年3月4日 8時33分 
There is a rare loading screen tip about it, I've only seen it about two times in total during 16 hours of play with the PC version and a good 50 hours with the PS3 version. I have no idea why that tip appears so rarely.
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