Combater5 May 3 @ 5:28pm
Can't Connect to multiplayer.....
Umm, I just bought this game yesterday, but, I can't seem to connect to the multiplayer. every time I try to it says: "Unable to Locate session."
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Crappage May 3 @ 5:41pm 
Just means no one's playing. Try at a different time of day.
TLEz8H May 3 @ 11:48pm 
add me
and when I play, just click drop down menu after my name and join me ^^
Nobbi Nubsen May 4 @ 1:31pm 
feel free to add me.... i am looking for some multipayer matches....
scorchnova May 17 @ 9:21pm 
me too i wana play some ace combat online

scorchnova May 17 @ 9:21pm 
you can add me
Procyon May 19 @ 6:48pm 
add me too...

What is the perfect time of the day for multiplayer? Since I changed to steamworks I have never been able to play multiplayer.
Cobalt Lightning May 20 @ 9:34am 
I've only been able to play one mission co-op with one other guy, not a match more. I even tried skipping the herpderp helicopter mission(s) but still no luck.
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