Lone Wolf May 2, 2014 @ 4:34pm
Can someone help me fix my controls. simple fix.
I have a logitech g13 and would love to be able to use the joystick on it but I can't. The only thing I can play the game with is the xbox 360 controller or just the keyboard. It's because my files for default_input.ini and input_4276974593.ini are both messed up and have the wrong config values. Without pressing anything the plane will be stuck on full throttle and turning left. To play the game I had to delete input_4276974593.ini and remove most entries in default_input.ini.

Since both my files have messed up settings I was hoping someone could send me there working ini files. The default_input.ini is found the same directory as the games .exe file and input_4276974593.ini is found in C:\Users\your.username\Documents\NAMCO\ACAH . You can email me files to or if you have a dropbox link or something similar that would be fine. Anyone willing to help? I would really appreciate being able to play the game with normal controls.
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