MiddleFinger77 Apr 29 @ 8:33am
Playing Dcs world-Listening to ace combat assualt horizon soundtrack
Try this and tell me how well they go toghther, I have the original soundtrack cd from the game- they were giving them out free when you bought the game ( Release date ) for the xbox 360- The only thing that sucks about DCS WORLD it has no music soundtrack whatsoever, so being as creative as I am I can recommend a few tracks if ud like- Blue on blue a track that is epic, if you plan to do some dogfighting in Dcs world try flying to this song the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up!.......The final battle (Akula) Thats also an EPIC soundtrack try flying to that one and let me know what you think. A quick point id like to make about Track-ir 5, Iam still not sure its all its hyped-up to be, I find myself using it less and less,but it is a neat little gadget I must admit.
Date Posted: Apr 29 @ 8:33am
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