=[T$CElite]= Rednavi Apr 26 @ 9:09am
How does free mission ranking works like?
I'm trying to get A ranks in free mission mode. What should I keep in mind? Do skills affect my points in a negative or positive way? What's the armor bonus? Does the difficulty affect my points somehow or should I just get A ranks in rookie mode for the achievement? Blahblahblah, I really have no idea how the ranking system works like. The game explains NOTHING about it.

For example, what do I need to do in order to get A rank in the first mission, nightmare?
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Crappage Apr 26 @ 2:00pm 
You get more points the higher difficulty you play on, and you get more for flying a crappier plane. The Ace skill and the Fighter/Multirole/Attacker skills stack, so use those together for their respective planes. The armor bonus is for completing the mission without taking a single hit (actually I think you CAN take a hit as long as "Light Damage" doesn't show up, but I'm not sure).
=[T$CElite]= Rednavi Apr 26 @ 2:35pm 
Well, the first mission does not allow me to pick other planes. Is this normal or will I unlock some crappy plane for it later on?
Crappage Apr 26 @ 4:17pm 
Just play it on Ace and you should get enough points.
TLEz8H Apr 27 @ 11:58am 
time bonus, 0-900 I think this is the best thing to rank A
armor bonus, you must recieve if you dont die in that mission in ace difficult(but I dont know about other dificult)
higher difficult will get more point, but I think, just Elite is ok for A rank
all mission will get A rank around 2000 point(some mission are less eg.Hurricane)
TLEz8H Apr 27 @ 12:09pm

multiply for all plane
so if you can complete mission fast,with mig21 or f4 and dont die, you will get 1575 point at least, just 425 point in other bonus for 2000 point A rank
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