Crappage Apr 25, 2014 @ 4:06pm
About Skyly Ace
So the guy came to me the other day and said you guys have been kicking him out of your multiplayer games. This is childish, stop it. He is NOT a cheater, he's Korean. Koreans are freakin good at games. I managed to kill him once, so it's possible. Watch his videos, look at what perks he uses and how he maneuvers, then reverse engineer it and make a counter build and strategy. If anything, he might have higher latency which makes him harder to hit, but this is a problem in all multiplayer games. Grow up and git gud.
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spectreWind Apr 26, 2014 @ 9:53pm 
Amazing latancy there...

He's the only player (post GFWL) I fly against that does not actually complete the kulbit before my plane explodes. I say that with BURST and additional armor added into the 6 slots we have for the skill sets.

As you are aware, in close range assault, your plane slides outward/forward and away from the chase camera while you start accelerating, banking, then slowing and leveling to counter. You generally see a targeting reticule trying to align with your plane from the other player. Whether with normal missles, or special missles. ... There is always some kind of reticule sliding toward the back of your plane.

I, personally, get none of these things with Skychaser.

I've shot him down once... in the F-15C, with semi-active, not in DFM.
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