Pamela hot chick 4月3日 21時11分
Game frizes and crashed also problem with graphic seting frizes
This game crashes and frizes on my nvdia card 780.What is going on? Developer please can you fix this?
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Pamela hot chick 4月3日 21時50分 
Steam need to remove this game from sale and fix game first.I have win 8.1 pro and nvidia 780 and can't run this game. In manu when i select graphics to change antialising my game frizes and wont do anything.Same thing when i start game game play for about 1 min after first plane gonne down and then frizes again.Now you tell me this game is not optimazed for high end card 780? Please remove game form sale and fix it first.
Crappage 4月3日 21時58分 
Operator Error.
最近の変更はCrappageが行いました; 4月3日 21時59分
stackflow 4月3日 23時30分 
Reading that made my head hurt...
Killah 4月4日 1時02分 
CallMeIshmael の投稿を引用:
Reading that made my head hurt...

You're lucky, my eyes are still bleeding

Raftox 4月4日 1時21分 
I have Windows 8.1 an a Nvidia Card too ,,, but i never get any problem so far
Urist McDorf 4月4日 1時56分 
Would you like Frize with that, sir?
Pamela hot chick 4月18日 17時36分 
Raftox の投稿を引用:
I have Windows 8.1 an a Nvidia Card too ,,, but i never get any problem so far
hm what card do you have?
MrDulS 4月21日 16時42分 
have you overclocked your graphic card or motherboard?
I had overclock my motherboard and graphic card and the game crashes always.
With the original clock when you format your Windows it will be stable and very good to play.
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