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HSA Jun 20, 2014 @ 6:49pm
graphic issues, resolution problems, etc
ok, first of all, sorry for any gramatic errors, since im not american and all usually no one complains but i know its annoying

anyway, this game make me so fuuuu king furious that im amazed that im not getting mad like the otter guys on this forum

the true its probably since its not the first game i have problems on steam and that its probably an bad optmized semi emulated version of a console game and such i dindnt got surprised when the lagging started to the moment i pressed the spacebar

ok, i got a bit frustered when the game shut down in the moment the first cutscene ended and i pressed c, but i thought "ok, i fit the minimal and recomended requeriments, then i can probably fix it lowering the graphs

well, i get a bit surprised when i found out that actually you cant lower the graphs, but not so much because like i said, its a console game

then i thought "well, maybe if i put on windowned mode things got better"

then i tried do it and dammit, it was impossible

i literally tried TEN times before almost have an stroke


in any case, im not blaming the creators or the game by itself, just in case those guys are lurking around

i mean, if i was a vg creator i would get pretty depressed seeying people using degrading and offensive terms to complain about my product

and probably its my fault somehow, since i didnt find peoples with the exact problem than my and like i said i had this problem with another vgs

but dammit, what i do?

my graphic card is an HD7750 and gta iv (another bad optimized console game) works pretty fine

i dont get why ace combat dont

btw, i didnt tried yet, but i wouldnt got surprised if ace zero or 4 worked better with an emulator right now

its this what those bandai guys should had made; created an computer version of the old games

but whatever, probably there are trade rights involved and we never will see this happening

i will keep searching for some final solution, but i fear my patience runs out and i just delete this game of my computer for the next 5 or 10 years
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Mika Jun 27, 2014 @ 4:48pm 
My game works just fine, its probbly just your system.
HSA Jun 27, 2014 @ 5:37pm 
w7 64 bits hd7750 with 2 gb ram plus 4gb mother board ram

in any case, nevermind, i already uninstalled the game
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