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A Valley Without Wind 2

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Crud Bonemeal Sep 12, 2013 @ 2:25am
Online bug in the strategy portion of the game...
So I was online with 2 friends, we had painstakingly moved all our guys and were expecting certain results after we did the next level... But there were some oddities when we got back to the map. I'll list what I can remember:

1: Most notably, our food and scrap now displayed as 0, despite having had >200 of each and the advisor saying we had gained in them on the last turn. I don't know if they actually were set to 0 or just showed that way.

2: The advisor listed events that didn't actually happen/couldn't possibly have happened. For example, a soldier took 6 damage from a monster, and right after that it said he took negative 2 damage from the same monster... It also said he died, but he was standing right where he had been with 3 health.

3: Demonaica had been frozen by a pyramid with 2 turns listed above his head, but now he was able to move already.

Luckily, I found out that the game's backup system is pretty good and we weren't screwed... Then, even more luckily, I tried reloading the world in single player and everything appeared to be how it should have actually ended up. Some sort of desyncing issue I assume? Related to exiting levels at the same time or something? I've had this happen twice, once with this 3-person party and earlier with just one friend. We all saw the same things, too, it wasn't just on my end.
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