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Really disliked AVWW2 :*(
Hey everyone. Im kind of a rookie to the whole AVWW universe, only played a few hours on the original. (40 mins on this steam acc. about 3hrs on another). I played the new game that we got for free and I have to say I really disliked it. It left a strong sour taste in my mouth that just wanted to make me go back to playing AVWW1.

Sorry to those of you who are die hard fans, just expressing an opinion.
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Can you go into any specifics about what you didnt like at all or ? :s
The controls were rather bad. I disliked the spell system, (Really lame). The class system was pretty dumb, preferred free-exploration and class customization personally. Also I felt the RTS system didnt add anything "Special" into the game.
makhotkin 10 lutego 2013 o 11:41 
I guess the RTS gameplay was influenced by "Rebuild 2", but Arcen games has made it wrong. I also hate AVWW 2 for its awkward controls and unclear game objectives, first one was way better (before 1.2)
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Xenos 18 lutego 2013 o 10:30 
I'm certainly grateful to the developers for the gift, they're fine folks and have made good games, but AVWW, well, it's not only bad, it's so bad that it's nonsensical, I'm baffled at how one could thing that this was a good idea. And the sequel looks exactly as bad. I feel a bit sorry saying this because, I repeat, developers are gentlemen, but as they say amicus plato sed magis amica veritas.
MrHanMan 18 lutego 2013 o 10:35 
I think the AVWW games are excellent. I sunk many hours into them, and I look forward to playing hours more. If you just take time to read what the game is telling you rather than skipping through it, everything makes perfect sense.
Xenos 18 lutego 2013 o 13:47 
Non nonsensical regarding to plot and setting. Those make sense. Nonsensical at a design level.
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Mexicutioner 18 lutego 2013 o 14:22 
I have yet to try avww2 but avww1 is awsome, for what it tries to do I'd say it does it farely well.
bbYipho 18 lutego 2013 o 15:40 
I bought the pack to try avww2 and really really got lost for the first 20 minutes of playing. I semi got use to the controls then wondered what avww1 was like. So I switch to avww1... I love it soo much more. Less of a headache and was actually fun enough that when I sent my extra copies I only suggested avww1 instead of two.
avww1: one of the best games i have ever played.
avww2: a letdown compared to the first
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BBX 18 lutego 2013 o 16:12 
The first game had some great dungeon delving with one of the most innovative map systems probably ever (rooms by floor depth).

The highlight was using double jump, storm dash and storm fist together to get to speeds you don't even see in Sonic the Hedgehog games.

This game ain't bad, but the first one just nailed it for me... everything I need all in one game.
i feel the same way about the first
Mana 18 lutego 2013 o 17:28 
Interesting. I felt the first lacked direction and eventually tired of the freeform exploration and yearned for more direction. AVWW2 really offers that in spades. They're different, but samey, so I guess they aim to different kinds of players? I liked both, tbh, but AVWW2 at least pulls me in with the story.
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