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KANƵAI 2013年1月8日 4時40分
[solved]i have this game suddenly in my inbox!?
somebody know something about this???!??!?!
EDIT: i know now
最近の変更はKANƵAIが行いました; 2013年1月8日 4時49分
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Jay 2013年1月8日 4時48分 
If you owned the first one, you get the second one for free. Which is kinda good... I wouldn't have payed for the second in its current state.
KANƵAI 2013年1月8日 4時49分 
wow, thanks buddy!!!
Steffe 2013年1月17日 5時29分 
Even if it's currently beta, it's hard to beat this level of customer service :p How often do you get the sequel to a game after just buying the first one? :x
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