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BJSV 2013年3月27日 15時51分
Feedback about achievements.
Hi, I bought this game recently and I am enjoying it alot. Love the artstyle and music. Gameplay is fun and I can see myself spending alot of time with this game.
But, these achievements... they are kind of annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love going for achievements but when I started, in first few mins I was bombarded by ton of achievements even though I didn't actually know what I did. The only thing that I felt like I actually achieved was getting five random achievements at once without even trying.
I love achievements but please do not abuse the system. When I am awarded by something I want to feel like I accomplished something, not be confused. There is really no need to award every step we take in game.

Once again, game is fantastic, and my thanks to devs for making it.
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DrPixel 2013年4月9日 22時06分 
In 2.5 hours of play I have 50+ achievements now haha. They're pretty fair though I guess. ;D
The Crimson King 2013年4月19日 3時12分 
I have played for one hour and got 23 achievements. I opened my first chest and got three achievements for it. I got three more achievements from my second chest. I'm surprised the game didn't give you at least three achievements just for starting a new game.
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