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Eels Who Try 2013年3月25日 17時57分
Favorite Class
What's your favorite class after playing through a little bit? Suprisingly my favorite was the featherologist. I enjoyed the movment buff secondary and I love the ammo ability.
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NeonTiger 2013年3月26日 14時30分 
The Lumbermancer is pretty sexy. While somewhat weak defensively, he really makes up for it with the homing attack, and the ammo spell being a straight light of deah can be very powerful in a pinch.

I like the Featherologist as well, getting around quick and being able to dodge effectively is crazy important :P
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Eels Who Try 2013年3月26日 16時02分 
I haven't had the oppertunity to try lumbermancer but sounds Like I'd enjoy it as I seem to prefer the offensive geated classes. After "beating" the game I would have to say my favorite class is meteorist. It just packs such a whallop that I can't compare it to anything else. Not really challenging but a load of fun to beat down!
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