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bshirk3 2013年3月21日 22時37分
I heard that the first game was terrible
Is A Valley Without Wind 2 a significant improvement and worth $3.74?
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Requiem 2013年3月22日 3時59分 
I'm also planning to buy the game. I looked up a few videos and second one seems like an entirely different game. So yea do not judge the second game by the quality of the first.

Also the games have beautiful music, it only worths the purchase I guess.
tigersfan  [開発者] 2013年3月22日 4時16分 
As a dev, it's you wouldn't believe me if I told you it was better anyway, probably. But, I will say that Requiem is right, the two games are VERY different. The art, the game play, the sounds, nearly everything is different. :)
sounds like a wooosh 2013年3月22日 4時52分 
I'd say its worth more than that. – But only you can put the measurements. A game that mixes genres is probably even harder to compare. If you want help for your decision you must tell what you prefer and what you want to have…
Mexicutioner 2013年3月22日 10時56分 
Dude the first game alone is worth the $15 asking price. I have yet to play number 2, but I can assure you that $3.75 is well worth the original game.
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ActWon 2013年3月22日 11時19分 
As someone who steered clear of the bizarre-looking original, I can confirm that 2 was a very pleasant surprise.

The art is super-creative and looks vibrant, the music is a real treat, and the turn-based strategy feature adds a fun backdrop to the (insane!) platforming. The devs put a lotta love into it, seems like.

Do what I did and visit Arcen's website to try the demo if you are still weary of it.
bshirk3 2013年3月22日 13時58分 
Thanks for the input guys. I'm going to buy it.
Eels Who Try 2013年3月23日 18時19分 
Good, I would get it just to listen to the music. The overworld is really fun strategy-wise and while repetative, the platforming is challenging and engaging.
Zombie Drake 2013年3月24日 14時26分 
The platforming never really overstays its welcome either. The action segments, except for a few special cases, are generally quickly paced little nuggets of platforming and shooting. I found that neither side of the game ever gets tedious because I'm bouncing back and forth between the two modes and there's always interesting decisions to make and strategies and tactics to consider.
a.k.a. Dead 2013年3月24日 15時24分 
They are both really sweet games, entirely different approaches, and I would have to say that I do prefer the first one so far in my albeit, brief adventure so far.
BBX 2013年3月25日 9時52分 
I like the first one better:

Something to remember - Unlike sequels for many other franchises, A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2 have entirely different gameplay themes. Plus, since you get both, you can enjoy the one you enjoy more.

Orpheusftw 2013年3月27日 8時11分 
The first one definitely wasn't "terrible" or anything close, you most likely saw the low metascore. They're very different games, and some people don't know exactly what to do with them. I think they both have a lot of potential, even if they are a bit rough around the edges here or there. I certainly don't regret my purchase.
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Artemis 2013年3月28日 16時41分 
I just don't get the complaints about how the first game looked. It's ♥♥♥♥♥ic when you have much firmer ground to stand in with regards to gameplay/combat getting a bit samey later on once you've found a set of spells you like that work (freely admit I've never been a huge metroidvania fan so ymmv). The art design of the first game was one of it's highlights, not weaknesses.
Yushatak 2013年4月11日 9時37分 
2 isn't really a sequel to 1. I loved 1, and do not like 2 at all - it's so different that it migrated to another genre that I don't like.
Metalcoholic 2013年4月19日 1時59分 
Please go play 1. its worth it. it really is. i enjoyed 1 much more than 2 before all the work done on it.

This is at least a group of Devs that listen. and that was a big seller to me.

If sega and Snes platformer Rpg's were your thing. you will love this. if not, then you wont love it as much.

Still Solid game for the price. and if your unhappy with something complain about and see if your alone or others feel the same way. from what ive seen. things get fixed.

oh. and since i bought this ive seen HUGE improvements. bravo devs.
Ibitato 2013年4月19日 4時05分 
I got both games after reading a lot ab them
I started to play II and I am enjoying so far
ill play I later on, bc is and "endless" game
I just want to have fun,
if that applies, then the game is ok for me
all the rant about graphics, etc is seconday to me
i've played +100 hours on SpiderWeb RPG games, and graphics there are awful
if you get good gameplay, story and FUN , then for the price, its awesome
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