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Tactical Guide & Walkthrough to the Black Pits
tekijältä Saint Scylla
This guide focuses on the Black Pits game mode and will teach you about recommended party setups, tactics, equipment and spells, as well as presentating the fights you'll (hopefully) go through. Welcome to the Black Pits!...
Spells and Abilities Guide for BGEE
tekijältä kamster99
This is a guide that is intended to describe the usefulness of the various spells and special abilities found in Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Feel free of course to try all these spells and abilities yourself this is just my opinion of them all. I'...
Arcane Caster guide for BGEE
tekijältä Auspice
This is a guide to arcane spells, sorcerer spell selections, tactical spell use and arcane-using classes for BGEE, with additional advice for importing an arcane character into BG2EE. This guide will avoid most spoilers, however some spoilers such as name...
Complete Map of the Sword Coast
tekijältä PancakeWizard
Full map of the Sword Coast, so you can check to make sure you've found all the game's content! Good luck and watch out for Gibberlings!...
Character Guide
tekijältä Gr[øø]ve
Welcome to Baldur's Gate! First of all, For those of you how don't know what is AD&D, let met introduce you to its concept. It is the oldest and most popular role- playing game rules in the paper-and-pen world. "This isn't just any role-playing game" ...
NPC Guide to BGEE
tekijältä kamster99
I want to start off by emphasising that while this guide is very detailed you should be generally able to read through individual NPC's in it and still get fairly detailed information. With that in mind here is my NPC Guide to BGEE. -...
Custom Portraits Guide
tekijältä Arclayn
The provided character portraits are all high quality, but you may not find that perfect face to represent your role-playing whim. This guide will show you how to use photo editing software to prepare a custom portrait of your choosing....
[Last Update: 2013-07-28] A beginner's guide
tekijältä Abalone
In a thread I was giving some hints how to get a good start in this game and was asked to make a new guide of it. Well, here it is, I'm just going to quote what I wrote there. Feel free to post your own tipps and tricks which could be added to this guide ...
Multi and Dual Classing
tekijältä Paldin
Have you ever wanted to play a single classed character in Baldur's Gate? Me neither. So here are your options and some things to consider before you roll a new character and commit yourself to hours of gameplay before deciding that such a build was not a...
Personaje jugable: Señor Mojón
tekijältä Danicast83
Hola. Lo primero de todo, lamento tener que poner un personaje descargable en el apartado de guías, pero es que no hay workshop para este juego. Bien, el personaje que podeís descargar aqui: