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Baldur's Gate Mechanics for Non-D&D Players
This is a guide on the basic D&D mechanics new players need to know in order to play Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, and Throne of Bhaal. This guide works for all three games. These games use the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules, just l...
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - загадка панталон
Загадка Панталон...
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition - советы по созданию персонажа
Cоветы по созданию персонажа....
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition - особенности ролевой системы
Особенности ролевой системы...
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Ultimate Guide
by gabbidavy
This is an ultimate guide for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, and I hope it will one day be complete, and I will go to great lengths to make it complete. But I can't do it alone. Which is why I will ask you for any feedback you can give me about anything...
Complete Map of the Sword Coast
by PancakeWizard
Full map of the Sword Coast, so you can check to make sure you've found all the game's content. Good luck and watch out for Gibberlings!...
Multi and Dual Classing
by Paldin
Have you ever wanted to play a single classed character in Baldur's Gate? Me neither. So here are your options and some things to consider before you roll a new character and commit yourself to hours of gameplay before deciding that such a build was not a...
NPC Guide to BGEE
by kamster99
I want to start off by emphasising that while this guide is very detailed you should be generally able to read through individual NPC's in it and still get fairly detailed information. With that in mind here is my NPC Guide to BGEE. -...
Custom Portraits Guide
by Arclayn
The provided character portraits are all high quality, but you may not find that perfect face to represent your role-playing whim. This guide will show you how to use photo editing software to prepare a custom portrait of your choosing....
[Last Update: 2013-07-28] A beginner's guide
by Abalone
In a thread I was giving some hints how to get a good start in this game and was asked to make a new guide of it. Well, here it is, I'm just going to quote what I wrote there. Feel free to post your own tipps and tricks which could be added to this guide ...
Character Guide
by Gr[øø]ve
Welcome to Baldur's Gate! First of all, For those of you how don't know what is AD&D, let met introduce you to its concept. It is the oldest and most popular role- playing game rules in the paper-and-pen world. "This isn't just any role-playing game" ...
Tactical Guide & Walkthrough to the Black Pits
by Saint Scylla
This guide focuses on the arena mode of BG:EE and will teach you about party setups, tactics, equipment & spells, and present the fights you'll (hopefully) go through. Welcome to the Pits!...
Spells and Abilities Guide for BGEE
by kamster99
This is a guide that is intended to describe the usefulness of the various spells and special abilities found in Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Feel free of course to try all these spells and abilities yourself this is just my opinion of them all. I'...
Arcane Caster guide for BGEE
by Auspice
This is a guide to arcane spells, sorcerer spell selections, tactical spell use and arcane-using classes for BGEE, with additional advice for importing an arcane character into BG2EE. This guide will avoid most spoilers, however some spoilers such as name...
Personaje jugable: Señor Mojón
by Danicast83
Hola. Lo primero de todo, lamento tener que poner un contenido más apropiado para mods o descargas en el apartado de guías, pero es que como sabéis, no hay workshop para este juego. Es un personaje con audio personalizado que hice hace ya ni se sabe,...
Farming Ankhegs for Midgame Gold
by Submarine_Argument
There are a number of really expensive things to buy early to mid-game once you have your party fully assembled. Luckily I figured out a way to farm a lot of gold in the early to mid-game that also gives decent xp. ...
Официальный русификатор! [обновление]
by Зачем мне ник =|
Итак, на днях вышел русификатор. Открываем игру, в настройках меняем язык и перезапускаем :D Собственно, все, удалю руководство через пару д...
Custom Voice Files
by Wambo
Tutorial how to integrate your own character voice files into the game...
Bigger UI Text
by Liam Neeson Punching Wolves
I'm quckly putting this up, I didn't find this out, the fellow in the link did. Super helpful for anyone who is having read trouble reading the tiny text. ...
Baldur's Gate - Creature List
by Toast
A list of Monster and NPC ID codes posted by Dan Simpson on IGN....
Custom NPC Portraits Guide
by Theory
A quick guide on setting up custom portraits for your NPC followers....
Baldur's Gate Stats and you
by sergeistz
One of the more overwhelming parts of Baldur's Gate for those not familiar with AD&D is stats. What does each number actually mean? I figured I would give a quick run-down so new players knew where to place each stat on their guy for maximum benefit. ...
Allignment Guide
by Mr.Shaggnificent
A Simple Guide Sorting NPC Party Members By Allignment...
Guide to Sarevok Fight for Mage/Sorcerer [Ch.7]
by *・Gamer4Life*・゜゚・*:.
This guide will attempt to help Mage or Sorcerer classes defeat Sarevok during the final battle in the Temple of Bhaal. I will try to limit the amount of spoilers as much as possible. ...
Guide du débutant pour la Saga Baldur Gate.
by 18W Gunboy80
Ce guide s'adresse en particulier aux joueurs débutants français de cette magnifique Saga qu'est Baldur gate,Vous y trouverez toutes les explications a savoir sur la création de votre personnage et les charactéristiques,Les classes principales,Les rac...
Volothamp's Comeuppance
by Crugaglug
The best spoiler free guide for Baldur's gate series. Link to
Cheats- Dual-Class any Human NPC (not Ajantis;Bards)
by dzuk5
welcome . For starters I would like to say that my English is little rusty and for that I'm sorry. I'm directs this text to people who have already finished the BG1. I will not lie , this guide will show how to cheat . but to cheat in a sophisticated way...
Nashkel secret armor
by Ether
Easy way to find rly nice armor :)...
Un Guide Walkthrough
by Terodrel le clément
Bonjour, J'ai créer un guide avec un personnage qui vous servira aussi bien pour Bardur's Gate EE 1 et 2. J'ai utilisé un clerc/ ranger une des classes les plus cheaté du jeux . Je vous invite à venir voir mon Walkthrough .
Complete Guide to Dual Classing
by RoboGerbil
So you wanted to min/max your character but dont know the ins and outs of the system? This guide will help you out....
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