Han Jolo Jul 22, 2013 @ 7:36pm
Diff Bugs
this editor ... which I have no sniff how too use by the way ? how can i learn too turn off the level cap ?
the old version u could import duel class toons with no ill effect but now the hp go second class if u do ... it seems to be an enhanced ed bug ... the other bugs ive found are ... game freeze fighting big wyverns ... end fight bugs cause game freeze in the temple of baul ... the sound of the gate in the entry map of baldurs has the never ending sound of opening and closeing ... the new quests with the new characters can bug out and omit the conversations with the villans on the half orcs quest for vengance leaving jus the fight ... high constitution for regen n poison defence should effect all classes not jus fighters only the bonus hp should varry and finaly not so much of a bug but a real pewpoff ... lol ... is mages who multiclass never again get to have the proper ROBE look if they wear them ... lame ... has any one found any more i missed ?
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