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Quick Question: Elven Weapon Bonuses
Noticed this in both versions of BGEE (Beamdog's and Steam's):
I rolled a mage/thief elf with proficiencies in longsword and shortbow. However, when I view my character's THACO in the character sheet, is says I have a base THACO of 20 and an adjusted THACO of 19, even though I receive a -1 bonus from proficiency and (I assumed) another -1 from being elven.
Is this a gameplay mechanic, so elves don't get abused? I can imagine giving a pure elven mage a longsword to wield (Xan?), but that -1 elven proficiency would probably only lessen the negative effect of not being proficiently skilled.
Your thoughts? SHOULD elven and skillful proficiency be cumulative? I don't have the original BG for reference.
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ChevyNoel 28 июн, 2013 в 22:07 
I don't think you receive a -1 until specialization. IIRC, proficient just makes it so you don't receive a penalty.
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Gernbern 29 июн, 2013 в 5:41 
Okay, that's true; proficiency only removes penalties to attack. But even so, I quickly rolled an elf character with NO proficiency in bows or longswords, and then equipped a longsword; my THACO was raised from the basic (swashbuckler) level of 20 to 22 (the penalty) and the -1 THACO elven bonus (shown on the character menu) doesn't appear to drop it down to 21, as I would expect. Likewise, this elven benefit doesn't appear to stack with the basic THACO of 20 when I DO equip a longsword I am proficient in, as an elf; it remains at 20.

EDIT: DOI...! If a mage/thief has a THACO of 20 to start and proficiency confers no bonus, then the 19 THACO is from the elven bonus! I guess I was getting thrown off from seeing
"Long sword to hit -1" and
"Elf -1" under that. OKAY. Okay. Sorry. Guess this wasn't really a discussion after all. Just needed to exercise some basic skills in deduction. Thanks, Chevy.
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