Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Space Cowboy Jun 25, 2013 @ 11:20pm
That much better then Baldur's Gate Trilogy?
I'm just playing Baldur's Gate again and, of course I installed the Trilogy mod package and some tweaks like the inability for characters to leave the party and a widescreen mod. It's also bugfixed and it seems that the only difference to the HD version is the UI color and the additional adventure/new heroes. So, is it worth the in my opinion pretty steep price tag of 19 Bugs if I already have the original? And can you import the character to the original shadows of amn or do you have to wait for it to come out as an HD version?
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Rockhead Gaz Jun 26, 2013 @ 12:53am 
Probably not. I haven't played much of the EE, but I think, with mods, there's as much in the original as there is here, and sometimes even moreso. I'm sure I read somewhere that you can import characters into BGII from the EE, but I've never tried it and I may be misremembering. I bought the Enhanced Edition simply because it saved me having to fiddle about with CD's, but I picked up the Dungeons & Dragons pack from at the weekend, and am considering just modding the original and playing that. Like you said, there's the new adventure and additional heroes, but I don't think they justify the price. If you were interested in picking this up for that reason, I'd wait for a sale. Don't get me wrong, the EE is good, and it saves time on modding the original for widescreen support/bugfixes etc (although it has some bugs of its own), but I doubt there's very much that you can't get in the original to warrant the full price.
Space Cowboy Jun 26, 2013 @ 1:14am 
Okay, thanks, I'll skip it then. I'd propably wait for an HD Version of the second part and buy them together in a sale. That way it would be a complete package like Baldur's Gate Trilogy just a little bit better (well, popably). I don't really mind the modding - I just made images of all my CDs and conveniently numbered the installation order of everything. That's good enough for me. Playing everything in a row with the same char is kinda awesome by the way - seeing that dufus of a mage turn into a, well, you know what, in the end is pretty awesome!
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