alkampfer.ezanaze 10 Mar, 2013 às 4:17
How to import an old character?
When I played the original BG, I saved my character-file. What should I do to import it? Is there a specific folder where I have to put that file in?
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Bossonova911 10 Mar, 2013 às 9:01 
so hold on, you want to import bg1 into bg1 ee character???? not gonna happen LOL
alkampfer.ezanaze 10 Mar, 2013 às 12:08 
ok :) No prob. I will experiment the storyplay of The Black Pits with a new character. The fact is that I evolved a customized character in BG 1 and BG 2, with a personlized set of voices and a peculiar portrait made by me. I'm only sorry that I'm not able to use it: the original BG software was developed to permit players to customize their character's look in that way, and that was really funny.
alkampfer.ezanaze 10 Mar, 2013 às 15:18 
The directory should be: steam/steamapps/common/Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, but if I create there a folder named "portraits" (there isn't one yet), the game doesn't recognize it and I'm still not able to import my customized portraits.
alkampfer.ezanaze 10 Mar, 2013 às 15:36 
WOW: resolved! Yes! The new dimensioned portraits work well! But the folder "Portraits" must be positioned in this directory: "C:\Administrator\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition"; the directory path could slightly change in other PCs, 'cause I use the "Administrator" profile when I'm in Windows. If you use a customised profile in Windows, it could be: "C:\(profile_name)\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition". If you put the "Portraits" folder there, and if the portraits are right in dimensions, when you create a character and you choose the portrait for it, you're prompted with a new button that permit you to access a new screen-interface where you can customise the medium and small portraits. Very nice!!!!!!!
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alkampfer.ezanaze 10 Mar, 2013 às 15:37 
sorry for my bad english :-P
nooberific 13 Mar, 2013 às 16:47 
You can import BG1 characters into BGEE by copying the contents of
C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate\Characters
into the directory
C:\Users\You\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\Characters
[GBGN] Axis | feralshad0w 1 Jun, 2013 às 9:43 
The portraits thing isnt working for me.... anyone know why? I am using windows 8 if that makes a difference
alkampfer.ezanaze 1 Jun, 2013 às 9:56 
where is located your's Baldur's Gate Directory?
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