Gorgha 2013年3月5日下午1:37
Lost Sea Charts
So, I lost the "Sea Charts' that the dude needs for the islan d quest, the ones you get from baldur's gate. I don't know if I sold them, dropped them, or if a glitch stole them away. They were just gone when I went to turn in the quest.

I have been searching every shop I can find in the game to see if I sold them and so far I can't find a thing.

Is there any other way to aquire the charts or am I just boned? I will gladly use a cheat if I have to.
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Hikoh 2013年3月5日下午6:11 
you probly will have to use a cheat to get it back. first off you generaly cant sell quest items unless their something you can use yourself (I.E. armor or swords) if you dropped it, its GONE. Finaly same thing goes for it a glitch wisped it away but its not all that important unless its a game ender right? i've play BG:TOTSC for years but i barly remember that quest... so i dont know if thats a game ender of not.
Flashburn 2013年3月5日下午11:38 
If you've turned on Debug Mode already, here's the code to spawn in Mendas' Sea Charts:


If you don't have DebugMode turned on, open your Baldur.ini file with a programmer's text editor like conTEXT. It will be a lot less painful to work with that way. I forget where it is - its either in My Documents under 'Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition' or if its in the steamapps/common folder. I dunno because I have the Beamdog version. Anyway, add this line to Baldur.ini and make sure the columns are lined up:

'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',

After that, press ctrl+space to open the console in the game and type that in.
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