A-Money 2013年3月2日下午7:42
Patch .2013 and .2014
I know .2014 is late but on my in game menu it still says .2012. Anyone know how to get patches ?
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BeSaTT 2013年3月2日下午11:42 
The patch on steam are not avaible yet ! We have to whait !
ChevyNoel 2013年3月3日上午8:54 
They seem to have skipped .2013 for some reason:

...and as BeSaTT said, .2014 has not been released on Steam yet.
Dean Mitrenga 2013年3月3日上午11:47 
2013 patch created new bugs so they needed to release 2014 in less than a week. We will wait more though.
xxravagexx 2013年3月3日下午9:36 
How long will we have to wait!? soo laggy :(
Amerika 2013年3月4日下午3:14 
引用自 xxravagexx
How long will we have to wait!? soo laggy :(

Apparently not long since the game patched today with a 61 meg update and my start screen now says 2014.
A-Money 2013年3月4日下午4:14 
lol mine still says 2012
A-Money 2013年3月4日下午4:22 
Verified game cache worked
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