Captain cake boy 2013年3月2日 7時19分
Omg, How did i not know this had just been re released..
Is this any good? and how is the multiplayer??? Need your input guys!
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Bossonova911 2013年3月2日 7時25分 
i'm sure if you read the threads in this forum you will have your answer. don't be lazy.
Captain cake boy 2013年3月2日 7時29分 
I'm not being lazy, I just don't really have the time to be sifting through a shed load of ♥♥♥♥♥.
Bossonova911 2013年3月2日 7時36分 
for sure your being lazy. That is the defintion of lazy.
Captain cake boy 2013年3月2日 7時42分 
Being busy is the definition of lazy..? Thanks for the input guy..
Bossonova911 2013年3月2日 9時41分 
i was just trying to prove a point, the energy u used to reply to this post you would already have found the answer in the forum. I thought u did not have the time, idiot
Bossonova911 2013年3月2日 19時17分 
Agreed. :)
foodgeek 2013年3月3日 12時11分 
It's buggy but decent. And they are still making additions (like a new NPC) after it's released. I almost stopped playing due to a bug (fights in slow moton) but it seems better now. I still can't watch the videos between chapters. I'm a little bummed that most of the best NPC's (Dorn, Kadorn, edwin, the drow sorcerer) seem to be evil. I have no interest in a wild mage or monk. That said, yeah, for $20, even as buggy as it is, it seems to be a decent risk.
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