foodgeek 2013年3月2日 3時12分
Is it true that there is an eatser egg of a 4th new NPC?

"In a later update, a fourth new 'easter egg' character was introduced - Baeloth, a drow sorcerer who had previously been the antagonist of the game's spinoff 'The Black Pits'. Unlike the other three, Baeloth includes no new kits, locations, quests or romances."

If so, how do we access it?

Another character I don't need. LOL.
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Bossonova911 2013年3月2日 4時14分 
We will have to wait a long time for that later update anyways. we don't even have 2014 yet.
kamster99 2013年3月2日 4時46分 
Go to the southern part of Larswood and you will run into him (a cutscene will trigger). Near the tower. He has been accessible there since before this recent update (you should find him if you are patched to patch 1.0.2012).
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