Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

scotty2hotty 2013년 2월 28일 오전 10시 36분
99 the highest the chacter roll goes?
Has anyone had a 100 role on the dice ? Or is 99 the high as it goes?
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Saevus 2013년 2월 28일 오후 2시 25분 
93 highest I've ever seen, but I don't spend too long trying
[Ars]Baen 2013년 2월 28일 오후 3시 51분 
By theory you could get upto 108 but if they are using a good random number function with a normal distribution you should very rarely see anything above ~94. Someone on the Beamdog forums ran the Autoroller program for 9 hours and reported that the highest score he got was 99.
Dienheimer 2013년 3월 1일 오전 6시 35분 
I've had a few 95's, highest I think I've seen was a 98, but I missed it. :(
kamster99 2013년 3월 1일 오후 8시 41분 
The highest I have gotten was a 97 elf ranger.
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pianopete 2013년 5월 3일 오후 9시 12분 
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