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Treetop69 Feb 16, 2013 @ 12:16pm
I dont remmember the final boss being this hard

SO im at the very end, i beat the game as a kid but i dont recall having THIS much trouble.

My party is

PC(Wild Mage)

All have an AC of -1 to -3, with the exception of neera who is at 4. Branwen and Dorn are both -6 AC. So their all fairly tanky. I have cleared out almost every zone including Durlags Tower and some of ulgoths beard. I seem to recall some temple to helm from when i was a kid that i did not do this time around, but i couldnt find it so i thought it mightve bene a different game.

My entire party is lvl 7 with vicona and branwen both being lvl 8. My wizards can cast up to level 4 spells.

Imoen has 100 in both lock picking and find/remove traps.

In the final room imoen can not disable the traps even with a pot of master theivery and a pot of perception. so i have dorn proc them and then go back to get heals without waking Sarevok.

After the traps are procced i do my quick save, then slam out the buffs.
Bless, Chant, Defensive Harmony, Group Protection from Evil.
Mages get Stone Skin, Blur, Mirror Image, Minor Globe of Invul.
Clerics get Draw Upon Holy Might, Armor of Faith,
Dorn gets his Special Ability WEapon Posion, and then a potion of Frost Giant Str, a pot of heroisim, and a pot of magic invulnerability.

then i do a manual save (so i dont have to rebuff every failed try) and i charge in.

The FIght;

Sarevoks MAgic Resistance is so high my mages cant touch him, he attacks ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ly fast and has a realy low THACO, he chews right through Dorn like hes made of butter. All 75hp of him. i can kinda kite around the room and if it was a 1v6 vs Sarevok then i think i could win. But its not.

Hes got that 2nd fighter that my clerics need to off tank and that mage helping him. The mage is what ♥♥♥♥ing kills me, he slams out stinking cloud and then cloudkill and my entire party either dies or takes a ton of dmg, He also has so many buffs i cant manage to get through one of them with dispel magic.

If i cant lower sarevoks MR, and i cant dispell the mage and then burst him down before he cloudkills, how the ♥♥♥♥ am i suposed to do this.

If i did a speed run id be at sarevok by level 5, and i cant IMAGINE trying this fight then!
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Mr. Hanky Feb 16, 2013 @ 7:11pm 
Problem #1: you only have one fighter type. Problem #2, you have 2 clerics, you only should ever really have 1 as they cannot contribute overmuch to the offensive power that a party needs.

General strategy, try and take on sarevok's party a littlebit at a time. I will usually leave my entire party close to the entrance and send a hasted person up, have the little chat with Sarevok, and run back. Usually the mage will come up and attack by himself or with Sarevok alone. Gang up on him/them, then repeat as needed. Sarevok can be a real pain in the butt to kill if your party mostly focuses on magic. Something that sometimes helps is a wand of monster summoning. Summon tons of beasties and as Sarevok focuses on killing them, get in as many potshots as you can.
Djinn8 Feb 21, 2013 @ 5:10pm 
When I fought Sarvok in BG: classic, I threw a fireball into the fog which pulled Sarvok, but not his buddys. I then equiped everyone with a bow, cast haste and sent one guy to kite him around the room while everyone plugged him full of arrows. Cheap as hell, but what can you do when he kills your best fighters in one or two hits and you can't land a single blow.
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Treetop69 Feb 21, 2013 @ 10:16pm 
ill prolly do that, my strat so far has been to use dorn and 2 clerics as a form of heal tanking to block off a hallway and hit things

then imoen neera and myself focus fire with ranged +2 bullets in a +3 sling and imoen with +3 short bow and fire aarows. sometimes viconia goes ranged as well with her 19 dex and just branwen and dorn tank.

cobine that with ALOT of hold person, horror, blind, haste, and slow, and you can do quite well until sarevok
Sahuagin Feb 23, 2013 @ 6:29am 
arrows and magic missles is how I usually kill him pretty much every game. magic missles don't have a saving throw, so you can pelt him with them and he can't block them. look for other spells that you can't save against (or still take some damage if you do), like skull trap IIRC, where you still take half damage if you save or something.

also make sure everyone is using projectiles that can actually hit him. can't remember but you probably need +2 or so weapons to be able to damage him, so make sure everyone has at least arrows +2, bolts +2, bullets +2, etc...
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