Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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Franz 2013년 2월 15일 오후 3시 32분
Nashkel Mines Bug
Ok, so I am stuck when going to Nashkel Mines. The game simply doesn't load the map, it just crashes and give me a bug report. Is there a way around this, a patch perhaps? Need help, since this map is essential in the storyline.
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NPNKY 2014년 8월 21일 오전 11시 08분 
Running into a similar problem here. I can get as far as level 2 of the mines, but it never gives me the stairs to get down to level 3. I've tried reloading from before I entered that map section, but no luck. Should add, I am playing in multiplayer controlling 5 PCs and with Imoen as the 6th. Not sure if that is part of the problem or not.
Hedge_Hopper 2014년 8월 22일 오전 4시 29분 
You should verify the game cache.
Right-click BG in the steam library and go to Properties. Then click the Local Files tab and choose 'Verify Integrity of game cache'

If that doesn't fix it, your saved game might be corrupted or mods might be causing it(if you have any)

You could try teleporting to the areas using the console. This link explains how to enable the console

Nashkel Mines Level 1

Nashkel Mines Level 2

Nashkel Mines Level 3

Nashkel Mines Level 4

Back outside

There's alot of dead ends in the mines, are you sure you're in the right spot? Here's a map
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NPNKY 2015년 3월 19일 오전 10시 07분 
Got it. Thanks.
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