PeaceKeeper 2013. febr. 14. @ de. 1:58
No higher resolution support?
I have a 1600x1200 LCD, and I can't seem to find any way of increasing the games resolution to this level. In fact, I see no options at all other than "hardware cursor" and "fullscreen", in the display options. I have searched around for an answer, and can't find one. Oddly, when you enable the hardware cursor, the size of the cursor on the screen equates to what it should be were the entire display at 1600x1200, but the actual graphics appear to be at 800x600.

I must say, the options menus are VERY sparse for what is claimed to be an "Enhanced Edition". Hoping this turns out to be more than simply a $20 investment in the possibilty of BG3 ever being made(Or even a remake of Torment). And if that's all it is, I better get a discount.
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Flashburn 2013. febr. 14. @ du. 12:28 
You can try opening your Baldur.ini file in your Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition folder under My Documents to include this next line. Try using a programmer's editor like ConTEXT instead of notepad so it'll be easier:

'Graphics', 'Scale UI', '0',

Make sure you've got those lined up in the right columns.
PeaceKeeper 2013. febr. 14. @ du. 8:49 
Yeah, I remember editing the old .ini files in the original install I did in 98' to force higher resolutions. Was sort of hoping this would be a little slicker. Also, still not used to those files being in my documents... I looked in the steamapps folders.

Kinda left wondering what I paid for. :(
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