Clammy 2013年2月1日 23時34分
Non Hamachi Games?
So far all my games I tried to join that are unsucessful.
Anyone else having any luck connection thats just with the ip?
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BeSaTT 2013年2月2日 1時00分 
Me !
Kold 2013年2月2日 4時04分 
Are you from canada because I am also having the same issue fail connections
Mazzle Dazzle 2013年2月2日 4時45分 
It lets me do it but I had to forward some ports. I don't remember what they were but I googled them.
Clammy 2013年2月2日 11時17分 
No im from United States Kold, why?
BeSaTT 2013年2月2日 12時56分 
Ordellus Jan 31, 2013 @ 2:46pm
here goes

1) open start menu and type cmd in the search box.
2) run the command program it finds.
3) In the command box type "ipconfig".
4) write down the number next to Default Gateway.
5) Type that number exactly as it appears into whatever browser you use. This will take you to your router log in page.
6) Log into your router.
7) Using the manual for your router, or googled instructions, find Port Fowarding
8) Foward these ports (you need to open a range for the second one, not just the two numbers, do your homework.)
TCP and UDP 15000
TCP and UDP 2300-2400
TCP and UDP 47630
TCP and UDP 6073
9) Save the settings, then apply / resolve the port rules.
10) search google for your IP address and write that number down.
11) Give that number to people that you want to join your game.
10) Enjoy hosting BG2 games.
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