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Problems So Far
Sorry guys, I understand I post alot here; it's only because of my lust of "Love" towards this game. I figured i'd state a few "Minor" problems i've experienced so far. I thought if I share them with you perhaps the "Makers" or somebody can look into it.
P.S-Some of these might be stated in my previous post.

Problems i've faced so far:

1. When travelling to other maps depending on where you're, the "Wheel" icon (I'm sure you all know it by now) on ocassions don't appear. It's not a big set back but can be annoying.

2. In-game steam interface, or as we all know it the combination of holding the "TAB" Key and "Shift" Key down at the same time ;). Basically when you do this in the game, it's all fine but when you decide to close the interface; it seems to glitch out and stay up unless pressing "ESC" or clicking somewhere. Again another minor glitch that can easily be fixed.

3. Character voice repeating. Now if any of you have been following my posts, you should all know by now that I have a attraction to the "Character interacting" part of the game perhaps more then the gameplay. When I say this I mean when clicking on let's say Minsc a number of times; he would or "Use to" reply with a number of phrases. But after awhile he'll start saying funny things or perhaps quote things. eg. "Minsc and Boo stand ready *SWEEK*" (That is Shadows Of Ann but you know what I mean) Anyway to summarise this, I click on my character x4 times and he'll say "Hi" over and over. That really annoys me. Again possibly a minor glitch or not so much a glitch just a "Pet Peeve"

That's all from me guys, if you got any other problems feel free to share! and if my plan goes to success perhaps somebody will read this and make a change!

Cheers Once Again Guys!

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Bossonova911 Jan 30, 2013 @ 5:56pm 
intro movie sound stutters really bad.
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