Bandit J 22 jan 2013 à 2h18
What do you guys think the price should have been?
I bought the game off beam dog when it came out and so far I felt it was money well spent. Yet aside from the bugs(which i have yet to encounter) the pricing seems to be what others complain about the most. I'm curious about what people think the price should have been and why?
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Flashburn 22 jan 2013 à 16h10 
$20 is pocket change. Many of the people on here should ask their mothers to raise their allowances.
City Builder 22 jan 2013 à 17h04 
$9.99 to $14.99 (no more than that though - IMHO)

And no, I don't collect an allowance from my mother anymore, haven't in over 40+ years and I do work and buy my own games (have over 200 of them on steam, but to me, $20 is too high, sure it's only $5 to $10 too high, but that's still $5 to $10 too high IMO. Just because $20 is pocket change doesn't mean that people should spend it on games that they don't think is worth that $20 But of course that's how Steam makes so much money anyway, people just throwing their pocket change at them to buy games regardless if the game turns out to be worth it or not.
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Darkurthe 22 jan 2013 à 20h02 
I think 20 may be a touch high for a redux title (and boy do I wish I had an allowance, howevs I do have a mortgage to pay), but I would still pay that much when I get around to buying it. Ideally when I get through the pile of games I am playing and am ready to go back down memory lane there will be a steam sale.
Elazul 22 jan 2013 à 20h05 
$9.99 ideally. Really you don't get anything a free mod already provides.
Bandit J 23 jan 2013 à 2h20 
I see, what it comes down to is what your willing to pay for nostalga I suppose. Though for the work overhall games allegedly put into the overhaul and the game's future potential, I feel the 20 I dropped on it wasn't all that unreasonable.
diggergig 23 jan 2013 à 2h47 
I think there are two different points here. When people are baulking at the price, the response tends to be: 'It isn't a lot of money in real terms for gamers on Steam.'

It's a natural response and I've said as much about games on forums (recently Ace of Spades)...

But there's another issue that I'm aware of because this time around it is what I feel, which is that although I can afford it, I object to the price level on principle. £15/$20 is just too much to justify this, for me. I *can* afford it without a second thought, but I'm not more prepared to pay that much for it than I would £15/$20 for a sandwich. I'm not a cheapskate - look at my games list - but this just feels...wrong. Just MHO.
Flozem 23 jan 2013 à 10h57 
9,99 max.

It's on Steam, and it's slightly more convenient than installing BGtutu.

Still, I fail to see what enhancements were applied to justify buying this over the Gamersgate Anthology (for all infinity engine games). Plus the additional content is not something that can't be had by installing a half-decent mod.

I sorely wish Atari would give us the Anthology on Steam. :(

That said, I will probably buy the Android version for 9,99 (without the additional characters), as for me that edition has added value.
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Treemonkeys 23 jan 2013 à 11h22 
Elazul a écrit :
$9.99 ideally. Really you don't get anything a free mod already provides.

This isn't true, at all, but people keep saying it. Either you haven't tried the EE and mods to compare, or you're just being negative to the point of being dishonest.

The high resolution interface, journal, and general game performance are a night and day difference over what modded BG1 can offer - it's just a shame the game has other problems right now holding it back.
Flozem 23 jan 2013 à 11h35 

Have you ever run modded BG1? :)

I couldn't care less for an upgraded gui and journal. The original BG2 gui and journal system work well. (I used to run BGtutu).
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Treemonkeys 23 jan 2013 à 11h38 
Flozem a écrit :

Have you ever run modded BG1? :)

I've played modded BG1 in the past and when I purchased the EE last week I ran it and modded BG1 side by side to compare.
Flozem 23 jan 2013 à 11h39 
Which mod did you use?
Treemonkeys 23 jan 2013 à 11h49 
I've done widescreen mod and gui mod to run BG1 using a high res version of it's original interface as well as BGtutu to run BG1 in the BG2 engine. They both have the same core problem of an old interface that was upscaled with some tweaks to fonts to improve readability - not that it is a big deal, but when you start to use the EE interface it's difficult to go back.

The smoothness of scrolling and characters moving on the screen is also greatly improved in the EE.
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City Builder 23 jan 2013 à 13h40 
The way that I'm looking at this is that I'd give $5.99 for the original game (maybe someplace like GOG when it's on sale) and I'd give a maximum of $5 to $10 for the work they put into "enhancing" it but no more than that. More than that, even $5.00 more feels like I'd be bending over for them to do with me as they wish.
Zytarius 24 jan 2013 à 8h01 
Price is fine,and yes it runs smoother.
I have 2 disc versions and a dvd version now the ee,had all mods before.
Downside atm is waiting on patches,apart from that its a bargain.
IronM@sk 24 jan 2013 à 16h33 
Like many of the rest, I think $9.99 would have made it an insta-buy, but since I own the original Collector's Edition box AND the version (which I got for way less than $10) I can't justify it for $20.
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