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The Full List of Bugfixes, Including Those from Patches
I love BGEE and Im trying to do SPUD a service by putting this here where everyone else can see it.

BG1 Fixpack and Baldurdash
  • Multiclass thieves no longer barred from LN and LE alignments just like single-class thieves.
  • Many, many containers that were inaccessible due to terrain issues are now accessible.
  • Thieves no longer get a sneak peek at whether a container is trapped by simply trying to pick the lock.
  • Guards that spawn for being caught stealing from containers arrive at reasonable entry points.
  • Incongruous prisoner/slave removed from Duchal Palace basement.
  • Looting the locked chest at the entrance of the Red Sheaf Inn now only detected if witnessed.
  • Chests that had lockpicking unnecessarily set impossibly high are now lockpickable.
  • Ithmeera no longer trapped in a table unable to move.
  • Ground traps in Durlag's now fully detectable and disarmable.
  • Counting House front door now locked as per the initial dialog upon entering.
  • Typos corrected for various monster items.
  • Numerous skeletons now given their correct immunities.
  • Numerous zombies now given zombie voices rather than skeleton.
  • Male Merchant League guard no longer has female voice lines.
  • The various farmers in the game named Lahl are now named Farmer.
  • Sleeping creatures no longer detect theft from locked containers.
  • If you're caught stealing in the Nashkel Barracks but successfully bribe the arresting guards, all the arresting guards will leave.
  • If you're caught stealing in the Nashkel Barracks and fail a bribe or be snarky, all the guards go hostile, not just the arresting ones.
  • When stealing from shopkeepers, they now don't go hostile, but they call the guards and refuse you further store access.
  • Cloakwood Guard now goes hostile and brings reinforcements as per his script.
  • Magic Missile damage is now correctly calculated at 1-4 + 1 per missile.
  • Thieves can now use scimitars that were denied them illegally.
  • Timing corrected for Gorion's spoken lines in pre-Sarevok ambush scene.
  • Game crash for entering house in BG City, AR0717, resolved by fixing actor inside house.
  • Tremain's dialog no longer has options that crash the game.
  • Bone Wardstone now has a warning regarding proximity for use rather than simply not working (and appearing broken).
  • Ordulinian now actually does give a Cloak of Non-Detection as his promised quest reward.
  • Maulers of the Undermountain maul correctly now.
  • The direction faced by the party upon entering areas has been correctly oriented in many cases.
  • Speaking to Yago before Brielbara no longer prevents getting his book in dialog. Also Yago now casts properly as a mage.
  • Ulcaster's book from his school is now unique, removing the exploit of bringing him the three extra copies in the game.
  • Many issues with stores corrected: names, host assignments, items, etc.
  • Many issues with creatures corrected: alignment, race, class, and gender assignments.
  • Yeslick is less loopy now.

    BG2 Fixpack
    - Algernon's Cloak (CLCK08) original icon artwork restored.
    - Soultaker dagger (DAGG10) now functions as a dagger rather than a MISC.
    - Boo now appears in Minsc's weapon slots on-screen as in inventory.
    - Composite and longbows trade icons as per the names given their icons.
    - Weapon speed corrections for STAF05 and STAF06.
    - Horn of Kazgaroth (MISC73) now a quickslot item just like every other horn through ToB.
    - Full Plate +1 (PLAT05) now requires STR 15 as described and prevents thieving abilities as it ought.
    - History books BOOK27, BOOK 39 are now sellable and have weight.
    - Free Action no longer interferes with monk walking speed.
    - Save penalty -2 applied to Confusion as per its description.
    - Save bonus +2 removed from Horror spell as per its description.
    - Proper damage set for Flame Sword (FBLADE).
    - Save bonus +3 applied to Entangle spell as per its description.
    - Portrait icon for spell failure now shows up on portrait.
    - Monster Summoning III now has a 40% rather than 1% chance of summoning 2 monsters at 9th lvl.
    - The History of the Drow and History of Shadowdale books can now be sold and have weight.
    - Monster Summoning I and II now have correct durations at all spell levels.
    - The +2 Save bonus for Polymorph was removed from the spell as per its desc.
    - Burning Hands now has the proper casting distance and duration, as per its desc.
    - Avenger's shapeshift to baby wyvern now correctly cleared upon death.
    - Protection from Normal Missiles now protects only against normal missiles, as per its desc.
    - Animate Dead now summons boneheads with the proper chance of a 2nd one.
    - Dimension Door used by dryad and Demonknight now accompanied by sound.
    - Lots and lots and lots of fixes for items... And lots...
    - Nahal's Reckless Dwoemer now has correct casting animation and school, as per its desc.
    - Farsight spell now has the correct duration, as per its desc.
    - Friends spell duration and level adjustments now work correctly, as per its desc.
    - Barkskin spell now confers the proper AC adjustment at every caster level, as per its desc.
    - Casting speeds of many spells corrected as per their desc.
    - Damage and range corrected for Cone of Cold at every spell level.
    - Power levels set properly for the effects of numerous spells.
    - Wand of the Heavens (WAND11) now delivers correct damage, as per its desc.
    - Casting speed and save penalty set correctly for Hold Animal, as per its desc.
    - Oil of Fiery Burning (POTN13) now delivers proper damage and isn't accompanied by "Gulp!" when thrown.
    - Armor spell now has correct duration, as per its desc., plus its effects are cleaned up.
    - Proper portrait icons show up for the successful effects of Miscast Magic.
    - Wild Mage surge Destroy Gold now works on the Wild Mage caster rather than a target.
    - The duration of the Grease spell now set correctly for every casting level.
    - The Cure Disease facet of Neutralize Poison now functions properly.
    - Remove Magic now correctly applies to the effects of Feeblemind.
    - Skull Trap now has a proper range (visual distance).
    - Skald and Assassin THAC0 bonus now shows up in the Character Record stats.
    - Potion of Magic Blocking (POTN33) now blocks only spell levels 1-5 as per its desc.
    - Cap at 18th lvl removed from Holy Power and Champion's Strength, plus errors fixed in the latter.
    - Shield Amulet (AMUL15) now protects vs Magic Missile as per the spell it emulates (including Magic Missile traps).
    - Armor of Faith now provides elemental damage resistance as per its desc and no longer adds extra protection from missiles.
    - Magical armor now blocks usage of Protection Rings simultaneously in a few BG2 exceptions.
    - Minor Spell Turning now turns only spell levels 1-4 as per its desc.
    - The power level of various items has been set to Power = 0 so that they're no longer able to be magic-blocked.
    - Free Action no longer capped at Level18. Plus its Hold immunity now applies to the spell target and the Charm protection was removed.
    - Minor script fixes for Gorion death scene, Charleston Nib's scene, Durlag's, and a bunch of creatures.
    - Captain Kieres' mates now go hostile from his dialog rather than after a pause from a SHOUT.BCS call.
    - Detect Evil now only applies to creatures in sight of the caster which also don't have magic resistance, as per its desc.
    - Various summoned creatures' attack items are now aptly called Attack.
    - Various weapons now have the correct weapon speeds, as per their desc.
    - Cavalier's innate Resist Fear ability now no longer fails due to magic resistance.
    - Holy Smite now properly capped at level 20 and has proper targetting and timing at Level 6-7.
    - The Durlag guardians Pride, Avarice, and Fear now walk to Love after completing all their quests, as per their formerly botched scripting.
    - The effects of the Slow spell now no longer stack with multiple castings.
    - Various spells which should not stack upon multiple castings now no longer do.
    - Larloch's Minor Drain and Vampiric Touch now only heal if the target is damaged, neither can be self-cast, VT can't be cast twice on the same target, and the Bhaalspawn LMD does the right dam.
    - Daitel and Semaj now cast spells like mages are supposed to.
    - Dagger of Venom (MISC75) now confers a Poisoned portrait icon to its victim.
    - Priest of Helm spell Seeking Sword now does the proper damage.
    - The spell Shield now has the proper duration.
    - Undead no longer get glitchy double saves vs spells (or display strings to that effect).
    - Hold Monster now gets its full spellcasting graphic plus a portrait icon and string.
    - Horror now has a duration of 10 rounds rather than 3, as per its desc.
    - Remove Paralysis now removes portrait icons from the cured Paralysis victim rather than the unParalyzed caster.
    - Melf's Acid Arrow no longer bypasses magic resistance.
    - Invisibility 10' Radius now lasts 24hrs rather than 1hr, as per its desc.
    - Greater Command is now party-friendly at all spell levels.
    - A few spells cast by traps now no longer bypass magic resistance.
    - Barbarian Rage now grants the correct Save v Spells bonus, and Berserker Enrage now protects vs Stun as per its desc and shows the proper display strings.
    - Action IDS fixes
    - Spell schools for item abilities
    - Bolt of Glory now does missile damage to Undead
    - Monk fists now have correct THAC0 at levels 6-8 and 15-17
    - Lore bonuses from 15 INT or WIS are now correct. Racial bonuses to Thieving skills have also been fixed.
    - Summoning spells no longer fail due to magical protection present on the caster.
    - Invulnerable NPCs no longer display messages saving that they have been afflicted with status effects.
    - Assassin poison weapon ability now uses the correct save type and correct damage
    - Players can now tell Sanadal the fate of her kin.
    - Kensai and Monk weapon speed bonuses are now applied correctly.
    - Several problems with the Blade's spins, and the Boon of Lathander and Melf's Minute Meteors have been fixed.
    - Spell shield now uses the proper portrait icon.
    - The Spook spell no longer produces improper battle log message when resisted.
    - Several issues with the Color Spray spell have been fixed.
    - Several issues with the Chant spell have been fixed.
    - Elves and Half-elves actually get their Charm and Sleep resistances now.
    - Several innate abilities now behave correctly in response to wild and dead magic zones.
    - Several items usability restrictions have been corrected.
    - Duration fo the Protection from Evil spell has been fixed.
    - Pseudo and Fairy dragons now use their proper icons.
    - Darts of stunning's effect now uses the proper portrait icon.
    - Several spells now use the proper school casting animation.
    - Luck bugs.
    - Several fixes to the Wand of the Heavens.
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- Flesh Golem resting XP exploit replaced by carrion crawlers.
- Tazok can no longer be killed at the bandit camp to reappear later during final battle.
- Thalantyr goes hostile by attacking his golems. Kelddath goes hostile by attacking his sirines.
- Elminster encounter in Chap 4, FAI, now occurs.
- Container 5 (a potion) in AR2012 (werewolf warrens) lootable and no longer broken.
- Having party members involved in combat can no longer cause them to be left behind when sailing to Werewolf Island.
- Edwin now successfully gives gold reward for killing Dynaheir.
- If you kill Firebead Elvenhair in Candlekeep, he no longer shows up in Beregost.
- If Resar is killed before completing Narlen's quest, Biff will no longer show up to replace him.
- If Aldeth Sashenstar is killed in BG City, his son Dabron no longer shows up to state his lines about Aldeth having been killed in the Cloakwood Forest.
- Shandalar can no longer be pickpocketed of his Wardstone, so players can no longer get sent to Ice Island without it.
- Treasure piles formerly inaccessible in Durlag's are now accessible.
- Durlag's: 1. Grael no longer stands content in a pool of acid taking damage. 2. Helmed Horrors can no longer be attacked through a 4th-level-down closed door.
- Invalid shield and helm in a Durlag chest have been replaced by valid versions.
- Viconia no longer attacks her Flaming Fist attacker if he's been reduced to a corpse.
- Once her son is rescued from the worgs, Ardrou will now speak her intended gratitude lines.
- Flag assignment changed to no longer flag Nashkel Carnival tents improperly.
- Xvarts, Hobgoblins, Ogres given proper alignment designations.
- Ranger stealth (Move Silently) now set properly to 21% at 2nd lvl.
- Fuller's dialog has now been fixed so that comments regarding Hull now show up.
- Invalid music references addressed for BD1 and BL1 sounds.
- Several script errors (typos in references) now corrected. (Actually these are also from EasyTutu)
- Three Old Kegs Noblewoman Exploit.

- Davaeorn's race changed from ankheg to human.
- Greenstone Amulet (AMUL17) protections now all work.
- Bandit camp now cannot be prevented from showing up if going down the stairs too fast after killing Tranzig.
- Brage's corpse can no longer be pickpocketed from him to get quest rewards for both possible endings.
- There is no longer a Rep penalty for killing Laskal.
- Resar is now an actual mage rather than just a pompous quarterstaff wielder.
- It's no longer possible to miss the trigger for Chapter 7 if you emerge from the Candlekeep catacombs.
- You can no longer miss getting the Chap 3 trigger due to BG2 engine issues.
- Several issues have been resolved that were preventing Scar from giving his quest reward.
- Nemphre, Arkion, Ordulinian and Petrine now use unique items for their quests.
- Missing reference in LIIA's dialog can prevent proper endgame sequence.

- Bassilus' SHOUT.BCS script no longer causes the child Footy to go hostile along with the undead.
- Cult assassin SHOUT.BCS no longer causes Ulgoth's Beard commoners to go hostile.
- Charleston Nib's workers now actually listen to him.
- Dreppin's greedy ways have been corrected.
- Firebead is less senile now.
- Dradeel dialogue fixes.
- You can now only talk about Dradeel's story after listening to it.
- Daese's wolfwere form now has the correct tooltip.
- Angelo now kills people that are actually alive.

  • AddKit and AddSuperKit both now include Wild Mage and Barbarian.
  • Half-attacks now occur every other round as expected.
  • Enemies that are equipped with a shield are now able to switch from melee weapon to a one-handed missile weapon.
  • Removes exploit of removing NPC from party and re-recruiting to refresh special abilities.
  • Starting a store with CLUAConsole no longer crashes the game.
  • Attacks per round bonuses now stack properly rather than drop after +5.
  • Hostile creatures affected by Sleep can now be woken by a successful attack.
  • Multiple accumulations of Blindness spells no longer make the -10 THACO penalty cumulative.
  • Items that confer a Casting Level Bonus (Effect 191) now factored properly into the actual casting.
  • Charisma scores lower than 1 no longer wrap to 25: instant death.
  • Constitution scores lower than 1 no longer wrap to 25: instant death.
  • Opcode 106 to remove drunkenness now functions properly.
  • Killing enemy with magic fire damage no longer crashes game.
  • Magic cold damage now evokes unique cold damage sound (and better animation).
  • Dexterity scores lower than 1 no longer wrap to 25: instant death.
  • Disintegrate no longer creates a memory drain when applied in-game.
  • Dispel chance v enemy spellcaster now correctly calculated per caster levels of caster and enemy.
  • Fatigue modifier scores no longer wrap to 100 when their net value is negative.
  • Intelligence scores lower than 1 no longer wrap to 25: instant death.
  • Drunkenness modifier no longer wraps to 100 with negative values.
  • Invisibility (Effect 30) now can be permanent with with Timing Mode 1 and set to Parameter 2 (Improved Inviso).
  • Magic Resistance modifier values capped so that out-of-bounds values no longer wrap up or down.
  • Morale break values capped so that out-of-bounds values no longer wrap up or down.
  • Open locks modifier values capped so that out-of-bounds values no longer wrap up or down.
  • Pickpocket modifier values capped so that out-of-bounds values no longer wrap up or down.
  • Reputation modifier values capped so that out-of-bounds values no longer wrap up or down.
  • Net values below -20 no longer wrap to 20 for Save Vs Death Modifier.
  • Net values below -20 no longer wrap to 20 for Save Vs Wands Modifier.
  • Net values below -20 no longer wrap to 20 for Save Vs Polymorph Modifier.
  • Net values below -20 no longer wrap to 20 for Save Vs Breath Weapon Modifier.
  • Net values below -20 no longer wrap to 20 for Save Vs Spells Modifier.
  • Stealth values capped so that out-of-bounds values no longer wrap up or down.
  • Strength extra modifier now yields a plain 18 when values are negative rather than wrapping to 100.
  • Strength scores lower than 1 no longer wrap to 25: instant death.
  • Wisdom scores lower than 1 no longer wrap to 25: instant death.
  • Wild Mage and Barbarian kits now recognized properly with Trigger Kit().
  • Immortal dead doppelgangers.
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Game Mechanics Fixes
- Beregost Transition Bug officially squashed.
- Saving over old games now moves that save to bottom of list.
- Inventory slot item-swap reproduction exploit removed.
- Removes exploit of acquiring one class' benefits to use by another class by partial Character Generation builds.
- Removal of the Bhaalspawn +10% XP scaling.
- When Held by a Ghoul, this information now shows up in the bottom dialog box.
- After exhausting a special ability (either from kit or NPC) the button will now gray out until refreshed.
- Rangers now getting their racial enemy THAC0 bonus. (Actually was a CRE issue, not rangers.)
- Thieves no longer run into/ through traps, springing them, when you send them to disarm the trap.
- Game no longer crashes when equipping items with an unsupported item type.
- When an NPC takes an ITM by script, it no longer first places it in its Magic Weapon slot.
- Quicksave and Quickload keys no longer repeat when held.
- Selecting "Pick for me" at the spell selection screen no longer contains the exploit for specialists to get an extra spell.
- All EFF's in BGEE have been set to 100% probability to avoid chance of failure.
- AreaCheckObject trigger no longer causes crashes.
- nthNearestEnemyofType now targets "nth" nearest object rather than nearest.
- nthNearestMyGroupofType now targets "nth" nearest object rather than nearest.
- Bounty Hunter Snare now placed just like regular snare rather than from a distance.
- Patch-up created for missing female elf mage quarterstaff thrust animation.
- Modded animated items no longer crash game due to item level conflict with animation values.
- Kits now associated with their hardcoded values in all instances.
- Ranger displayed stealth score no longer decreases between Character Generation and game start.
- Numerous portrait icons now show up as they ought.
- Negative attack penalty weapons no longer wrap up to extremely high THAC0 and Dam bonuses.
- Rage/ Enrage now has a fixed HP gain and loss unaffected by difficulty level (so high difficulty doesn't cause higher loss than the initial gain).
- Once stealthed, now the player can immediately unstealth by clicking the Stealth button again.
- Several spell scroll BAMs from BG2 have been modified to fit properly within item windows.
- Grandmastery now applies an extra half-attack (which means a total of an extra full attack) per round.
- Syntax error in Kieres' dialog file resolved.
- Opcode 243 which involves draining items of charges now works properly on charged items.
- IfValidForPartyDialogue now works even when characters are behind a wall.
- NPCs equipped with the Spider Bane no longer receive improper portrait icons.
- Opcodes 146, 148 and 177 now worked when used on containers (opcode 177 was originally found in ToBEX)
- Massive clean-up of the Varci/Lothander/Marek/Tenya/Jalantha quest
- Stoned victims now act like proper petrified statues.
- Ghoul Touch can now affect non PC races.
- The defrost opcode has been fixed.

Item Fixes
- Temples no longer offer Dispel Magic to treat the curse of Claw of Kazgaroth.
- Claw of Kazgaroth effects no longer removed by Dispel Magic.
- Claw of Kazgaroth now confers the correct curse stats as per its description.
- Potion of Insight now adds its bonus to Hide in Shadows instead, as per its description.
- Cloak of Electrical Resistance now protects against electricity.
- STR Bonus removed from ammo: bullets.
- STR Bonus removed from ammo: arrows.
- Ankheg Plate (PLAT06) no longer designated as magical.
- Cursed Scroll of Ugliness (SCRL13) no longer looks obviously cursed because it now offers the caster a target.
- Wolfsbane Charm (AMUL18) now actually does protect vs lycanthropes.
- Magic items that have charges now all require identification before one gains access to the charges.
- Aldeth's sword now only obtainable one way in the game (no more multiple Kondar (SW1H03)).
- Charm animation now added when using Nymph's or Algernon's Cloak (CLCK07, CLCK08).
- Cloak of the Wolf now allows the user to return to reverse the transformation.
- Spear +3, Backbiter has been restored and can now be obtained in BGEE
- Composite Bow now uses the proper strength requirement.

Area and Creature Fixes
- Mulahey is now correctly given Half-Orc as his race.
- AR5200 no longer causes party members with less than 5HP to abnormally resort to combat posture.
- Drunk in AR3400 (Temple) will now actually pass out.
- Chloe no longer appears on the streets of Beregost if you've spoken to Officer Vai.
- Firebead's Protection from Evil is cast from a more effective (and lasting) level now.
- All gibberlings assigned the proper Gibberling race and class designations.
- Summoned Hobgobs no longer wander about.
- Flaming Fist Battle Wizards now cast as 7th level wizos (rather than 1st).
- Albert now actually gives a reward when he says he will for "rescuing" Rufie.
- Candlekeep Inn nobleman/noblewoman dialog now accessible.
- No longer get strange disembodied voice of Dradeel after clearing and flooding the Cloakwood Mines.
- Aldeth Sashenstar's sword (SW1H03) can now only be obtained once in the game.
- House of Gond soldiers and hosts now no longer have conflicting alliances if the party makes them go hostile.
- Now both of the halfling-killer ogrillons south of Beregost remain hunched around the dead halfling.
- Abela the Nymph reward XP exploit has been addressed.
- Silke's scripts fixed so she doesn't become a benevolent rescuer when you're attacked by Karlat, Marl, etc.
- Cythandria's pets Arghh and Ughh are now both removed after she surrenders rather than leaving one.
- Skie's happy voice now plays when she's happy rather than her sad lamenting one.
- Kagain's happy voice now actually plays when Rep goes down.
- Priest of Oghma's store in Candlekeep now doesn't require you to buy two Elixirs of Health at once.
- Hafiz's inventory no longer cluttered by oddball items in oddball inventory slots.
- The gnoll Ingot in AR5200 now goes hostile if he sees Dynaheir in the party.
- Now you cannot end up missing the Chapter 2 trigger by reaching the Nashkel Mines (AR5400) before reaching Nashkel.
- Brage's cursed sword can no longer be pick pocketed.
- Several problems with the Ragefast, Abela and Ramazith quest have been cleaned up.
- A major exploit with the reward from the "Samuel the deserter" quest has been dealt with.
- Fixed several inconsistencies with infiltrating the bandit camp at in Chapter 3.
- Tamah is no longer an ungrateful *****
- Garrick now plays the correct soundfile when expressing heavy disapproval.
- Talking with Tralit now ends with him leaving in all dialogue options that the player can choose.
- Red Sheaf invisible man now snoring visibly.
- Kolvar no longer respawns.
- Volo now gives you a rumour about Sarevok.
- Several missing races/class categories have been added.
- Nestor is more chatty now.
- Summoned fire elementals now have proper strength.
- Safana now can only be recruited if there is a male NPC in the party.
- Shank now adheres to the Thief moral code.
- Several container highlights have been corrected.
- Ivanne is 64% less loopy.
- Diseases Gibberlings are now a force to be reckoned with!
- Several fixes to the Dalton and Therella quest

Spell Fixes
- Blindness: now applies the -4 penalty to AC and THAC0 as per the spell description.
- Specialist mages can no longer use scrolls to cast spells from their opposing schools.
- Casting Blindness on a neutral NPC now turns them hostile.
- Lay On Hands now accompanied by full sound and casting animation.
- Ranger Charm no longer works on people... not even Minsc's...
- Temporary spell items (like Chill Touch hands) now disappear properly on expiration, even when re-casting the same spell.
- Spiritual Hammer now employs a STR bonus at all its levels.
- Improved Invisibility now grants +4 to some Saving Throws as per its desc.
- Branwen's Spiritual Hammer now scales properly with level.
- Chromatic Orb now works properly and will behave as per its description.
- Color Spray now works as per spell description.

Fan-Based Fixes
- Drizzt's +3 scimitar is now called Icingdeath as R. A. Salvatore named it in Drizzt's literature. It also gives +50% fire resistance.
- Dreppin's cow Nessa is now mentioned properly by the Dreppin doppleganger
- When Lightning Bolts blast, they're no longer called "Lightening" Bolts.
- The last name of Sarevok and his dad Rieltar is now officially Costak Anchev.
- Katana proficiency ensured for Monks.
- Eagle Bow (BOW08) officially made consistent with all other bows in adding no STR bonus.
- The rare sounds are ensured to play despite the ToB engine, though they're now random and not rare.
- Demonknight is now capitalized when you meet him.
- Use of the THAC0 and Dam bonus opcodes with negative values no longer wraps up to high values.
- Thieves no longer spring oddly-shaped traps while attempting to disarm them.
- Fighters cannot take advantage of BG2 proficiency point allotment of 4 pts in a single weapon.
- BG2 issue of unconscious creatures popping back up not present in BGEE.
- Neera's hair color changed to white as per her portrait photos.
- The exclusivity of APR bonuses to fighter classes is indicated at Character Generation.
- Female commoner in BG City tavern.
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Flashburn 18 ian., 2013 @ 11:59am 
Released: 15.01.2013

Crash Fixes

-Improved multiplayer stability
-Fixed Black Pits sword crash
-Fixed crash when manipulating portrait files


-Damage notifications change colour depending on type of damage done
-Option to turn off coloured player circles (enables original green circles)
-Added roll total to ability screen when creating a new character
-Elven Chain Mail now obtainable
-Yeslick may rejoin the party in Jopalin's Tavern
-Black Lily purchases stolen goods
-UI improvements

Bug Fixes

-Resolved random respawns occurring too often
-Stat modifications for unidentified items now appear
-Issue with Baeloth not returning solved (Black Pits)
-Bounty Hunter class gains proper skill points
-Eldoth and Skie removing and joining problem solved
-Fixed issue with certain spell portrait icons not being removed
-Officer Vai will only purchase bandit scalps
-Scroll case capacity increased
-Improved chatbar (Multiplayer)
-Issue with gender dialogue is now proper
-Nashkel movie will play instantly
-Fixed Yeslick infinite dialogue loop
-Selling infinite wolf pelt to Nashkel store glitch removed
-Lothander and Marek's antidote will never vanish
-Drizzt doesn't run away from gnoll battle
-Shapeshifted spider no longer held in webs
-Player will no longer have guards summoned when near previously opened containers
-Archers and Druids may now equip Ankheg Plate Mail
-Characters speak to the player more quickly in tutorial
-Characters respond appropriately during Obe's Combat tutorial
-Charmed NPCs will give the player their promised gifts
-Lightmap for Kagain's shop has been updated
-Cat familiar now has an attack
-Imp familiar polymorphing to orge and back works
-Wand of Polymorphing's range has been increased
-Improved Aldeth's Merchant League quest
-Simmeon now gives XP
-Some weapons not flagged as magical now are
-Casson's body quest has been touched up
-Resolved issue with Kivan leaving the party
-Characters with strength less than 5 are now able to complete the tutorial
-Monks now able to complete the tutorial
-Music restored to the Friendly Arm Inn
-Commoners in Beregost and Nashkel say proper lines after Chapter 2
-Spider body will not disappear (Landrin's quest)
-Missing Citizens quest has been polished
-Issues with Elkart's ransom money have been resolved
-Tersus will turn hostile if robbed
-Tiax now properly summons Ghasts
-Tiber will take his brother's body
-Quiver/Case of Plenty now give proper damage bonus
-History of the Nether Scrolls no longer sellable
-Issue with Ring of Free Action not properly effecting mobility
-Emerson no longer constantly updates player's journal
-Imoen responds correctly to changes in reputation
-Fixed sound sets of Tessilan, Faltis and Glayde
-Removed intelligence limit on certain miscellaneous items
-Sorcerous Sundries accessible without force selling of nymph hair
-Added an auto-save right before the opening cutscene (Black Pits)
-Correct rest movie is played in Adoy's Enclave
-Adoy's area is now correctly placed/coloured on map
-Ambient noises can now be heard in Adoy's Enclave
-Farmer Brun no longer takes more than one item
-Euric no longer takes more than one item
-Contagion spell now casts properly
-Fixed Branwen refusing to join party when declined at first
-Issue with drinkable quest items has been resolved
-Wizard Slayer and Beastmaster class have more weapon restrictions
-Amnish Soldiers guarding Nashkel Mine have been modified
-Gandolar voiced lines added/improved interaction
-Delsvirftanyon voiced lines added
-Interaction with Drunk has been improved
-Interaction with Bellamy has been improved
-Interaction with Kerrachus has been improved
-Interaction with Phandalyn has been improved
-Interaction with Zecke has been improved
-Interaction with Grael has been improved
-Interaction with Pang Wallen has been improved
-Interaction with Kirinhale has been improved
-Problem with Scar's character model dissapearing fixed
-Increased text size of weight allowed in inventory
-Dorn's starting XP and HP have been increased
-Fixed exploit allowing Dorn to receive THAC0 bonus
-Only Dorn may receive THAC0 bonus from Rancor +1
-Fixed exploit with Single-Weapon Style
-Looping dialogue with Neera after Meklin encounter fixed
-Spawning issue with Neera's initial encounter
-World's Edge now glows
-Characters in Obey's tutorial no longer have BG1 proficiency distributions
-Longbow +2 and Composite Longbow +2 now give proper damage
-All slings not usable by Kensai and Cavalier
-Balanced certain pre-generated character's proficiency distribution
-Fixed issue with some items not needing to be identified
-Monks and Kensai are no longer able to equip shields
-Prism and Greywolf's voiced lines added
-Chaos Shield now has description when cast
-Ring of Acuity/Captive Audience no longer equip-able by Monk
-Treacle's gender no longer in question (Black Pits)
-Travelling to other areas in Archaeological Site touched up
-Fixed Enchanted Weapon Enchantment/Charm
-Fixed issue with certain items playing the incorrect sound
-The Vampires Revenge now has the correct effects
-Tenya dialogue issues have been corrected
-Bassilus's voiced line now plays
-Issue with certain classes wearing armor (Tutorial)
-Various item descriptions/images have been fixed
-Various container and door highlights have been readjusted
-Quest/Journal log fixes

Editat ultima dată de Flashburn; 30 ian., 2013 @ 11:51pm
Flashburn 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:00pm 
v.1.0.2011 (Update #5)

Crash Fixes

-Fixed crash when changing areas
-Fixed crash when clicking outside of the map


-New movie for resting in dungeon and inn
-Adjusted introduction video due to customer feedback and Coriander's threats of violence (You may have thought that complaining about the Nietzsche quote was pointless...)
-Various UI screens touched up

Bug Fixes

-Thieves and bards XP cap has been modified
-Monks and clerics XP cap has been modified (Black Pits)
-Quest/Journal log fixes
-Damage Modifier display has been retooled
-Taerom no longer drops Ankheg Shells
-Fixed issues with Dorn's dialogue and alignment
-Fixed issues with Neera's dialogue
-Neera's encounter with Edwin has been touched up
-Minsc joining issues have been resolved
-Switching to default soundset works
-Quasit Familiar can now cast blur
-Trolls in Cloud Peaks now give XP
-Kryll's skeletons now give XP
-Wild Surge text has been corrected
-Auto-save date and time error resolved
-Delainy/Durlyle flower quest has been fixed
-Some items now show the proper ground icons
-Silke responds correctly to player's actions
-Red Sheaf Inn displays the proper rumors
-Gnoll duel works correctly
-Summoning Flame Blades no longer causes a penalty
-Killing Dorn before his encounter has been fixed
-The Great Gazib will no longer spawn more than one orge
-Algernon and Nimbul's dialogue issues fixed
-Reevor's quest can always be completed
-Jospeh's Ring quest is now completable
-Certain area lightmaps have been updated
-No reputation loss when fighting certain characters
-Detect Evil's description has been corrected
-Creatures decreased in South Beregost Road's cave
-Tutorial items no longer sellable when exported to main game
-Shandalar's Cloak no longer equip-able by monks
-Certain quest items can no longer be pick-pocketed
-Interaction with Shaella has been improved
-Phlydia speaks the proper lines after her quest
-Marl will approach player even after resting
-Coran takes player's NPC Reaction into account and join level modified
-Cursed Ring of Slight Monsterism now changes character's appearance to zombie
-Nadarin's quest now pays the corrects amount of gold
Editat ultima dată de Flashburn; 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:11pm
Flashburn 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:08pm 
(Update #4)

-Improved Creature spawn system
-Large multiplayer bugfix
-Journal entry fix
-Fixed for zoomed out and click out of bounds crash
-Custom portrait in multiplayer game fix
-Numerous UI fixes
-Farsight scroll fix
-Obe combat tutorial fix
Editat ultima dată de Flashburn; 30 ian., 2013 @ 11:50pm
Flashburn 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:08pm 
v1.0.2009b (Update #3)

-A series of memory leaks have been fixed.
-Speed improvements for some Intel Integrated Graphics chipsets.
-Fixed a crash when customizing a character.
-Fixed a crash when using a quick slot.
-Dorn and Neera no longer remain invincible in certain circumstances.
-XP is now given for slaying Ice Trolls in The Cloud Peaks.
-A variety of typos have been found and fixed.
-Rasaad's quest no longer contains accidental spoilers.
-The Stupefier +1 now shows the proper icon.
Editat ultima dată de Flashburn; 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:15pm
Flashburn 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:09pm 
v1.0.2009a (Update #2)

Crash Fixes:

-Multiplayer connecting to non-host bug fixed
-Fixed Right click map crash bug
-Crash reporting has been improved
-Fixed crash for OpenGL drivers that don't support compression

Text/Localization Fixes:

-Fixed Neera dialogue problem with Edwin in party
-Fixed Rasaad dialog loop
-Updates to English, French, German text
-Fixed Dorn looping dialogue problem
-Fixed Neera and Rasaad item descriptions
-Bast@rd sword strength requirement description updated to 11
-Help tooltip says 'Help' instead of 'Rest'
-Fix for Half-Orc Biography

Added or Improved/Fixed Features:

-Version # now displays on main screen
-Added support for 'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate'
-Fixed function key assignment issues
-Added autosave for Start of Black Pits
-Added toggle for hardware mouse cursor
-Improved Mouse Wheel support
-Min/max damage correctly displays strength modification

General Fixes:

-Dorn stuck in Kryll cutscene fixed
-Fixed Dorn movement on early Kryll letter retrieval
-Fixes Gallus in the Black pits proficiency selection
-Disabled stairs in tutorial until Belt tells you to use them
-Lothander / Rasaad bug fixed
-Flaming Fist reputation loss bug fixed
-Neera plot Thayan bodyguard XP fixed
-Fixed party members attacking each other bug
-Tranzig not using spells fixed
-Fixed Neera is busy and won't rejoin party bug
Editat ultima dată de Flashburn; 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:15pm
Flashburn 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:09pm 
v1.0.2008 (Update #1)

New patch with fixes for unicode characters in paths, mouse cursors not showing up, crash reporting.
Editat ultima dată de Flashburn; 18 ian., 2013 @ 12:15pm
Flashburn 30 ian., 2013 @ 11:51pm 
bump for latest patch
diggergig 31 ian., 2013 @ 1:16am 
Patch Central!
Zolbek 31 ian., 2013 @ 1:22am 
That's great that they added in all these great bugfixes and all but uhh..where's the one that fixes the giant black box on my screen so I can play the game.
Bossonova911 31 ian., 2013 @ 6:48am 
it's really nice that u did this but i have noticed a trend lately. nobody reads the forums they just post away cause they are lazy and stupid. that is why we have like 150+ posts.
Tzzimy 31 ian., 2013 @ 12:16pm 
Bossonova911 a scris:
it's really nice that u did this but i have noticed a trend lately. nobody reads the forums they just post away cause they are lazy and stupid. that is why we have like 150+ posts.
*coughs* xD
DMDread 19 iun., 2013 @ 8:04am 
in my game in the second level of the mines the door to go lower is gone and I cant further. please help D:
Drakemyr Winterdusk 20 iun., 2013 @ 3:40pm 
I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but Elvenhair Firebeard (I think that was his name, the guy who wants you to get his identitfy scroll from Torethil (red robed guy) at the start of the game in candlekeep) seems to be bugged in terms of his quests.

I went to the Torenthil in the inner grounds after talking to Firebeard, but Torenthil only talked about how I need to go see Gorion and wouldn't say anything about giving me the scroll. So I couldn't commplete that quest at all. Then I went to his house in Beregost and he also would not give the quest about getting him a book (or even give his standard greeting) and would only say about how I should read such-and-such a book if I get the chance. : / Hopefully this bug will get fixed. :(
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