Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Khorne 2013年5月14日下午1:02
Does multiplayer work?
Does it work now??? After all this time I been waiting I hope they atleast improved it....
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Mr.Who 2013年5月14日下午1:49 
3 month whitout patch .............. They suck ! We got like 500 bugs + still waiting !
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Khorne 2013年5月14日下午3:26 
That really does suck..... They release a game on steam and say they going to update it, even IN the game it says theyll add a multiplayer system. These guys are ♥♥♥♥♥♥. But still doesn't change my love from back when it was FIRST released.
1stReaper 2013年5月15日下午1:52 
i have a feeling there gonna (if not already) pull a ""we've got your money now, we dont give two s**t's""
Thanos 2013年5月15日下午11:58 
Not sure what you people are talking about. I've played this game multiplayer without issue. It works.
1stReaper 2013年5月16日上午2:59 
hes prob on about the "steam" versions BGEE's multiplayer
whenever we click on multiplayer it says there will be an update, and that a dedicated server from beamdog will allow us to host/join multiplayer games without having to get ip's from friends and what not

(basically what they do with CoD/TF servers when you want to play againest/with other people
Khorne 2013年5月16日下午2:59 
What Dave said.
Sven 2013年5月18日上午8:11 
What Khorne said.
1stReaper 2013年5月18日上午8:22 
what sven said ^.^
Chopperdave 2013年5月19日上午9:55 
Try using Evolve. I tried it yesterday and it worked after the second time.
dalban40 2013年5月20日上午8:35 
yes works fine for me . even the export option works .
Just_a_guy 2013年5月20日下午6:21 
That sucks. My BG:EE multiplayer seems to work fine (mostly), but I am playing over a LAN, maybe that's why.
Bacon 2013年5月20日下午6:48 
I have a hamachi network set-up for my girlfriend and I and we can play with no problem now.
eggplanteye 2013年6月2日上午10:23 
Speaking of multiplayer, apparently the version of BGEE you can download through Beamdog automatically updates... thus preventing people using Steam and Beamdog seperately from playing together. Does anyone know how to fix this? I want to play with a friend, but it says her game is not up to date every time I try and host. So either her game or my game is out of date. Does anyone know how to fix this?
.//slayer 2013年6月2日上午11:17 
maryjane, to quote a moderator from Beamdog forums:

It's worth noting that the Steam version of the game is a couple patches behind the Beamdog version. So two things:

First, a number of multiplayer bugs have been fixed by now that might not be fixed for the Steam release.

Second (and kind of related), unless all of the players are playing the Steam version, you won't be able to start a multiplayer game because the versions are different.

I think you'll have to wait till Beamdog resolve this issue themselves. A solution was promised some time ago, but the developers have yet to deliver.
最后由 .//slayer 编辑于; 2013年6月2日上午11:18
1stReaper 2013年6月2日上午11:21 
somewhere over the rainbow there is a leprechaun saying "ill donate me wee pot'o'gold when steam's BG:EE will get updated :P
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